Hello and welcome to my blog. I’m Michelle and this blog chronicles my adventures in decorating my first home.

In March 2010 I purchased my first place – a one bedroom condo in a great heritage building in Toronto. I started my blog about 9 months later to document my journey in making my condo a home. When I first started this site I used the name Sweetsuite10 – a reference to my condo’s unit number, but it wasn’t long after I published my first post that I started to second guess my name choice. Coming up with the perfect name is hard, and if I was going to make the effort to switch I didn’t want to be at all unsure of my decision. In September 2014 my blog re-branded to Eamonn & Jack – the names of my grandfathers.

Eamonn & Jack - my grandfathers
My grandfathers
While my blog started as a way to keep my family appraised of how I was decorating my first home on a tiny budget, it’s led me to realise that my childhood penchant for rearranging my room on a bi-monthly basis was really a passion for transforming spaces. This realisation has led me to return to school to hopefully change that passion into a career.

While I do admit to having rather expensive tastes I’d rather pay off my mortgage so lovely designer furnishings at not so lovely designer prices are not going to be found in my home (sob!). Instead I’ve been furnishing my home with second hand furniture and DIY projects in the hope of making my home look like I had a significant decor budget.

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