One Room Challenge | Bedroom - Week Two

October 09, 2014

If you read my One Room Challenge post last week you may recall that I finished it hoping that my little wall problem would get better, and it did. And then it got a whole lot worse. After I posted I managed to get a bit of mud on my walls and it started to look a whole lot better. I was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and was hoping to be painting by the end of last weekend.

That didn’t happen. Once I fixed the moving plaster and the random bulges it became very apparent that I had another problem. Right in the middle of the wall was a large bulge that protruded almost two inches into the room. I always knew it was there, but it really didn’t start to bother me until I’d sort of fixed the other section. I realise that yes, I could continue to pretend it wasn’t there and start adding paint and wallpaper, and fun and pretty things to the room, but I knew that it would then drive me absolutely bonkers to look at it every day and I’d eventually have to fix it. There’s no point in ruining a room after it’s finished to fix something I should have done earlier is there?

Anyways, I thought it would just be a matter of continuing the method of plaster buttons I used to fix my previous problem. No such luck. I’d heard drilling holes in plaster and injecting construction adhesive between the lathe and plaster and then applying pressure could work - it didn’t. I was beyond frustrated and I had a wall full of random drill holes and dried adhesive. Eventually I got smart and realised that on the other side of the bulge was my bathroom medicine cabinet. Once that was out I could really visualize the problem.
missing medicine cabinet
Walls made of fiberboard with no structural support, and a patch of drywall that a previous owner had made
Problem #1 – the wall (at east in that section) is not made of lathe and plaster like I thought, but plaster over what I can only describe as fiberboard.

Problem #2 - there is no structure to anchor the wall to in order to remove the bulge.

After a phone call to my Dad I decided the only option was to remove the bulge completely which necessitated another trip to Home Depot, the purchase of more supplies including drywall, and then hauling it all home on the bus since I don’t have a car (Note to self: Win the lottery and buy a car).
drywall waiting for a bus
Two pieces of drywall are pretty heavy, especially when you're also carrying drywall saw, screws, work gloves, duct tape, a plastic sheet and various other DIY supplies
Eventually, with a lot of effort, a huge amount of mess, and a lot of noise (sorry neighbours) I accomplished this:
Bedroom wall with a window into the bathroom
Hello there bathroom. If I got Ryan Reynolds to move in I think this could be called a feature wall - don't you think?
And eventually this:
Wall patched with drywall
Drywall installed. You can see my earlier patch on the left
It wasn’t all dust and noise this week. I did a little sourcing for fabric for pillows and lamps (and ran into Vanessa of Décor Happy at HomeSense). No decisions made there yet, but I did pick up some fabric for my headboard at Designer Fabrics – did you know they have a whole section of off-cut velvet for $7/yd? I wasn’t going to miss that deal. And on Tuesday I found myself back in class for the first time in a couple of months.
Velvet fabric off cuts at Designer Fabric
Hopefully next week I’ll be able to report that my bedroom is looking much better. I still have a long way to go, but I’m a little more confident now than I was this past weekend that I can get the room completed by the end of the challenge. Fingers crossed.

Check out some of the other bloggers progress this week on Calling it Home.

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  1. Way to go Michelle for tackling the issue all on your own. I would have wimped out and called in the professionals. So inspiring. I need to make a trip to Designer Fabrics and it looks like they carry area rugs now. Who knew? And it was too funny running in to you at HomeSense last week. Good luck on winning the lottery - maybe the PML showhome? :)

  2. You are definitely right. It's tempting to just ignore the problem but much easier to fix it at this stage. I'm glad you were able to tackle the issue on your own. Now on to the fun stuff!

  3. You are one determined lady! Nice work. (If it hadn't turned out I think the Ryan Reynolds idea was a good backup plan...)

  4. Way to go!! So proud of you for tackling the drywall problems head on. It would have been so easy to just ignore it and save the hassle, but you're absolutely right. It would have drove you nuts to look at it. Now at least you know it's done properly. :) Hopefully it'll be smooth sailing from here on in!

  5. Oh my gosh rough week for you! At least you had an excuse to get nothing done. I on the other hand... not so much!
    I love all that velvet! And the price is amazing!!! I'm excited to see your room come together :)

  6. You are SO impressive! I can't believe you sorted that situation out all on your own. Well played my friend. And how did I now know about this off-cut situation at DF?!?!

  7. I love your wall repair. Well done. How fun that you can see a fellow blogger at HS.

  8. Wow! That looks great for a DIY project. Good luck with finishing up :-)

  9. Loved the Ryan Reynolds comment :) Great job persevering to do the job right!

  10. I am so impressed that you were able to repair your wall. I can't wait to see your headboard!

  11. Good for you! I'm impressed with your stick-to-it-iv-ness.
    It's super tempting to ignore issues... and so much more satisfying when you don't.


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