One Room Challenge | Bedroom - Week Three

October 15, 2014

How are we on week three already? This wee fact scares me more than a little bit - especially since I didn't really accomplish anything in my room this week. I have a good excuse though - you see, it was my grandma's 94th birthday on the weekend so my mom and I went to Ireland on Friday to help her celebrate. Since I only returned yesterday evening I didn't really have a chance to do much work on the One Room Challenge, but if I don't finish my bedroom in time I'm okay with that - celebrating my grandma's birthday is way more important to me than decorating a room.
94th birthday candles
That said, one of the first things I did when I returned last evening was put yet another coat of plaster on my wall. That's right - the hole still isn't fixed. It is looking a lot better, but my attempts to repair it are being hindered a bit by the lack of heat in my building. Mud that should only take 8 hours or so to dry is taking over 24 which is massively slowing my repair progress, and I can't really do anything else in the room until I have the wall fully repaired. Here's hoping I have a bit of luck over the weekend.

I mentioned briefly in last weeks post that I had done a bit of fabric sourcing and I've been trying to figure out what to do. There are a few options that I'm considering - I know the walls will be the Etosha paper and the headboard will be navy velvet. I'll be sticking with white for the sheets and duvet cover so I want to add some colour with pillows - I'll likely have a lumbar pillow in the Neo Toile that inspired my bedroom design, but other than that I'm unsure.
Bedroom fabric options
{Sorry for the cellphone pics - taking photos with no daylight is a skill I haven't yet mastered}
The fabric was soured from Designer Fabrics on Queen street which means there will likely be a few more contenders found when I return this selection. Oh well - I'm still not entirely positive my sewing skills will extend to sewing decorative pillows so perhaps indecision is a good thing? Then again I need something to occupy my time while I'm waiting for plaster to dry and sewing pillows might be just the thing! Any thoughts on what I should choose? Have any other suggestions?

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  1. I think I like bottom left for fabrics.

  2. Can't go wrong with any of those combos. And a trip to Ireland??!! Super jealous. Hoping the repair process speeds up!

  3. Wow, 94! What an amazing milestone! And you're right. That is WAY more important than a room makeover...good for you for keeping things in perspective! I'll be here cheering you on whether you meet the 6 week deadline or not. The important thing is you'll have a beautiful bedroom to enjoy whenever you finish. :)

    As for the fabrics, I'm thinking bottom left.

  4. Okay, second favorite country ever!!! And happy b-day Grandma!! Hope you had a great trip! I know when I go see my family there it is a ton of sitting arnd the table drinking tea (or whiskey) and chatting. Love it!
    Okay love all your fabrics and kinda leaning towards top left...never met an ikat i didn't like. :)

  5. I love all four fabric plans so much! Is there a way to incorporate all the fabrics?! Happy birthday to your Irish granny!

  6. I love the bottom right with the yellow floral- the mix is stunning.

    And how amazing that you were able to go to Ireland and celebrate with your grandma- nanas are the best in the world.

  7. I also like the bottom left for the fabric. Happy Birthday to your Grandma :) Good luck this next week!

  8. So amazing that you just hopped on a plane to celebrate your grandma's birthday. I love the bottom right with the yellow floral but rather than the other large fan like fabric, use a solid teal or another colour from the Neo Toile (which by the way I love and have used in a number of client rooms.) I think a solid colour would be best with the two patterned fabrics and the pattern on the wall. OR do two large yellow floral pillows with one Neo Toile in front.

  9. I like the bottom right. Feeling the love of floral's at the moment. Congrats to granny @ 94!! Who cares about the ORC, I'll take Ireland any day of the week.

  10. Happy birthday to your Grandma! How awesome that you got to be with her to celebrate. I love the Neo Toile but haven't managed to convince any of my clients to love it yet :) Looking forward to seeing what you decide to put with it!

  11. Happy Birthday to Grandma! Don't worry about finishing on time. Life is more important :) I too love the bottom right option, with the bottom left being my second fave!

  12. Haha! There was a LOT of tea drinking on this trip!

  13. Love the bottom right, the florals look great together. Hope you had a great trip to Ireland, that sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see your progress :)


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