Scenes from my Weekend - EdgeWalk

September 30, 2014

A few weeks ago a friend messaged me and asked if I'd be interested in doing the EdgeWalk atop the CN tower here in Toronto in celebration of her husband's birthday. Without hesitating I said yes despite it never having been on my bucket list of things I must do. In fact, I'm fairly certain that when the EdgeWalk opened in 2011 I said it was something I would never do.

For weeks every time I thought about what I had agreed to do I got butterflies in my stomach the size of pterodactyls, but this past Saturday I rode an elevator up 116 stories and stepped outside 356m (1,168ft) above Toronto and took a little stroll.

I can say now that it was fun, but while I was up there I have no problem admitting I was a bit scared. Heck - you can see it in the video - at points I wasn't sure I'd be able to do the 'activities'. I'm not generally afraid of heights, but there's something about peering over the edge at that altitude with just a couple of ropes to hold you up that's a bit terrifying.
Michelle doing Edgewalk
Now that I've done it I can honestly say it's an adventure I'd recommend. Walking around on the outside of a building at that height is completely crazy and totally nuts, so therefor it's something you should try if you can ;)
EdgeWalk group shot
I did learn one thing from this adventure - I'll never go bungee jumping. It's one thing to peer over the edge at that height - it's another thing completely to leap off. Never going to happen.

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  1. omgggg this is totally on my bucket list! My real estate agent and I are planning on doing it if we sell the condo...maybe you will see me up there soon!

  2. Michelle, my stomach is in knots just looking at your pictures! Glad that you enjoyed the experience.......because I wouldn't have at all.........

  3. WOW! You had a beautiful day for it. I'm afraid that the strong wind would freak me out, that's why I've not done it yet...but it doesn't look too bad in your photos. Hmmmmm....maybe........


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