Update and a Big Change

August 31, 2014

In the month+ since I last posted I've been busy. Classes finally finished mid-august and I will admit to being completely burnt out. I see now that I took on way too much, and it's time to scale back a bit. I'm going to continue with my Interior decorating courses, but I think I might do just one this semester - three while working full time was just nutty.

Anyways, In order to recover a bit from my rather hectic spring/summer I took a bit of time off from blogging to visit my parents, work on a couple of small projects around my place, catch up on some sleep, and work on a big change that's been on my 'must-do-list' forever.
august 2014 collage
My August: relaxing, picking 14lbs of blueberries, magical sunsets, visiting the Mascot Mine, and a couple of DIY projects that ensured my manicure was always ruined
If you've read this blog for a while you may recall this post from a few months after I started where I explained how I came up with Sweetsute10 and also talked about the doubts I had even then about my choice. Well, it's taken 3 years (and more domain name purchases than I'd care to admit), but I'm finally re-branding.

Re-branding is something I've wanted to do for a long time, but I wanted to make sure I was sure about the new name I chose - I didn't want to have to make the change a second time. It's been a lot of work and, since I'm attempting to do it myself, a lot of time googleing, watching YouTube videos, and making mistakes.

I'm hoping to have my new site up and ready sometime this week (keep your fingers crossed for me - this was supposed to happen in July but I had some technical problems , and there was a some procrastination). There's still piles to do - hopefully the major stuff will be sorted out and I can get this launched - some stuff, like re-watermarking my 789 photos might take a while, but can be done after my new site is live.

Oh, my new blog name? It's Eamonn & Jack. I'll share the origin of the name one it's launched - I hope you'll continue to visit once it's up and running.
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