DIY Gold Stripe Tray

July 18, 2014

When I was considering adding the tulip table to my foyer I wanted to have a little spot to corral the mail, my keys and other things when I come in the door. I knew a small tray would be ideal for that purpose, so I set out to find one that met my criteria – it needed to be rectangular, not too expensive, and it needed to have some colour given the table and the walls in my foyer are white.

To be honest I had absolutely no plans on DIYing anything, and I actually did find a lovely contender for the spot at HomeSense that was just $13. Then of course I went to the thrift store and found a tray for $1.99 and my plans changed.  Given its thrift store provenance the tray was predictably ugly, but it was the right size and shape and I knew that making it prettier would be easy. 
Thrift store tray before
I’ve been in LOVE with this tray forever, and if it had been the right size I may have been tempted to buy it for my foyer (but only if it also went on sale). Since the original wasn’t to be I decided to make my own version using my thrift store tray and spray paint I already had on hand.
Thrift store tray painted white with tape to make stripes
(Apologies for the bad cell phone picture)
After spraying the tray white I set out to mark off the pattern on the top of the tray using masking tape. I eyeballed the pattern and used a small piece of tape to help with the spacing between the lines.  I did have painters tape on hand, but it was too wide for the scale of my tray so I ended up using the regular masking tape (I use it in class to tape my drawings to the drafting table).
thrift store tray painted gold
Once the pattern was complete I sprayed the tray top and bottom with gold spray paint, and when it was dry I peeled off the tape and voilà – a gold stripe tray.
DIY gold stripe tray
There was some bleeding under the tape that more than likely wouldn't have occurred if I’d used painters tape, but I’m honestly not too concerned.
DIY gold stripe tray on a white table
Not bad for $2 right?

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  1. I love it!! The pattern looks great. You can't go wrong for $2

  2. it looks super cute! I probably would have walked right past the "before" tray

  3. I really like this look! It goes perfectly with the table and I love the styling!

  4. What a makeover! That tray is totally unrecognizable. Perfect for a catch all tray beside the front door.

  5. I really like your tray. What a perfect makeover with the gold spray paint. Now I'm eyeing everything in my house to use your gold stripes!

  6. WOW, that looks awesome, what a transformation!

  7. Great up-cycle! That tray didn't have much going for it, but it turned out really cute. Love it!!!


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