Bathroom Update – Peonies and Sparkle

May 29, 2014

I’m not a fan of my bathroom. I’d love to rip the whole thing out and start from scratch, but unless I win the lottery that’s unfortunately not a project I’ll get to tackle any time soon. I made some changes way back in 2011 (which tackled the ugly blue plastic shelving), and I've recently made a couple of other small changes.

The shower curtain rings I had were simple chrome spheres. They were nice enough, but after a few years the humidity was making them discolour a bit. After a bit of searching I replaced them with something with a little sparkle.
New shower curtain hooks
I, like a lot of other people, am quite fond of Peonies. Last year I was lucky enough to win a beautiful ‘Stop and Smell the Peonies’ print by Stephanie Sterjovski and Anna Agiropolous (of Anna with Love) through Tim at Design Maze. Being the queen or procrastination and indecisiveness it took me a while to decide where to put it, but now that it has finally found a home I couldn't be happier. Every morning when I’m getting ready for the day it’s a pretty reminder to find time to enjoy and appreciate the small things that make me happy.
New bathroom art stop and smell the peonies
They're small changes, but I think they've both dramatically improved my space.

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  1. so pretty! Isn't it amazing how one or two small changes can make such a big impact?

  2. This is great because it's do-able. I'm not going to reno my bathroom this year, but i could totally do this!

  3. Oooh so pretty! And I love that towel bar, too!

  4. The towel bar is from Kitchen stuff plus - it was inexpensive too!


  5. Beautiful print, funny how the simplest things can bring a space to life!

  6. It really is a lovely and meaningful vignette that you created. The bright pink just pops amongst the white towels. Love the idea of having a motivating message as a daily reminder!

  7. Your bathroom is so bright and fresh looking, I love that print and I am dieing for my peonies to bloom!

  8. Pretty detail! Honestly wish I needed a shower curtain, just to get a bit of fabric in the room :) fresh flowers and light linens = win in my books!

  9. Looks so fresh! And I love the print there. Sometimes little changes can make a big difference.


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