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January 03, 2014

Happy New Year! I hope you spent the Holiday Season eating WAY too much with your family and friends – I know I did. Toronto was hit with a rather destructive ice storm the weekend before Christmas but I was lucky enough to have escaped to my parents early Saturday morning before the fun started. My building didn’t suffer too badly with only two large branches down on our property, one of which may have damaged the car port, but I’m hoping that when the limb is removed it’s a quick fix. Unfortunately the power was off for almost three days so I had the lovely task of emptying my fridge and freezer when I returned to Toronto. Mother Nature - you owe me a couple of hundred dollars.

With the arrival of 2014 I’ve been thinking a lot about what I did (or didn’t) accomplish in 2013 and what I hope to do in 2014.  I blogged about my favourite posts in 2011, and 2012 so here goes for 2013 even though the pickings were a bit slim as I didn’t blog as much as in previous years.

In February I completed my DIY foyer Rug, and I’m happy to report it’s holding up pretty well.
DIY fabric rug
In August I completed my very first set of pinch-pleated drapes for my bedroom. I’m still quite pleased with them, and hope to repeat the process for drapes in another room this year.
DIY pinch-pleated drapes
Also in August I shared my final project for my Intro. to Drafting course. Going back to school accounts for a large part of why I was more absent from my blog this year. I completed 3 more courses in December (I hope to post about a couple of project I completed for one of those classes soon).
Intro. to drafting final project
Fast forward to November and I showed you my DIY Boot Inserts. This reminds me - I need to make a second set for a pair of boots I got over Christmas.
DIY boot inserts
In December I finally posted about the wonderful job my parents did in fixing my dining room.
Newly repaired dining room
And lastly I shared some DIY Christmas ornaments that I’m quite pleased with.
DIY art-deco inspired Christmas ornaments
As for 2014? I’ll be continuing with my studies this year and have already signed up to take 3 courses between January and April. There are some other courses I’d like to take as well, but we’ll see how these three go first. Wish me luck – it’s going to be a lot of work on top of my 9-5 job.

As for this blog? I’ve got some major plans for it as well which I hope to finish before the end of January. Here’s a hint – remember way back in 2011 when I wrote about not really loving the name of my blog? Well, I’ve made a decision.

In terms of ‘resolutions’ for 2014 I’ve again signed up for the Apartment Therapy January cure. If you remember I signed up last year and I made a big list of the things I wanted to complete. I was only somewhat successful, so I’ll work on the same list this year. If at first you don’t succeed – right?

Is anyone else working on some resolutions goals for the second time? Please tell me I’m not the only one.

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  1. I missed the January cure last year, so thanks for the reminder - I have lots of organizing and de-cluttering to tackle! And yes, quite a few of last year's projects will be following me into 2014, so you're definitely not alone!

  2. No resolutions for me!!! Way too much on our books this year to try and keep up with that...but I am following a lot of Blender Babes smoothies!

    Also, love the boot inserts!

  3. I love how you displayed older posts - great idea! I think I'll do a re-cap post on my blog too:) and those boot inserts - AMAZING!!!

  4. What a storm that was - we are in Calgary so I only saw it from the news, but I felt so bad for everyone experiencing it! I'm happy to see that you didn't sustain much damage! And great recap of your posts - looks like a great year you had!

  5. So enjoyed your recap and goals. I am impressed with all of the courses you plan on taking. I am thinking the word boredom is not in your vocabulary. ~Thea

  6. Love your ornaments (as I've said before) but the boot stuffers are brilliant!!

  7. My resolution is to just keep on keeping on. Be healthy, be happy, etc. Was hoping to do some traveling, but 7 days into the year I've been kiboshed by a broken furnace. Lol

  8. I can't believe you actually made a rug! Even in the blogging world where people make everything, I've never come across that before. It looks fab, great job! And good luck with your courses - sounds ambitious, way to go!


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