Freaking Out and Lacquered Walls

January 20, 2014

Classes started again last week; on Saturday I had my first Interior Decorating 1 class and I’m admitting right now that I’m scared. So far the courses I’ve taken have been a little easy – no actual decorating happening. That’s going to change with this class, and I’m currently experiencing an overwhelming feeling of terror.

I’m absolutely terrified that I’ve made a huge mistake. What am I doing going back to school? Where in the hell did I get the idea that I had any sort of skill at actually decorating a room? There’s so much to think about, and source, and pull together, and I haven’t any idea what I’m doing, and there’s a looming deadline for the project and I don’t think I can have it done in time. Oh my God – what have I done???


One of the projects for my class (one of two that are terrifying me) is to take an image from a fashion magazine that has a triadic colour scheme and translate that into a contemporary living room. After hours of searching (mostly at Chapters since I don’t own a single fashion magazine) I ended up with one from a issue of Fashion magazine from 2009 that is predominantly navy blue (And yes, I used the term ‘ended up with’- what's with current magazines only having monochromatic or black and white fashion spreads? How terribly boring.).

Since I have to keep the colour ratio in my space the same as the image we're using which means most of the room will have to be navy blue, and in order to accomplish that I’ll have to present a room with navy walls. This worried me for a while – how to do a contemporary room with dark walls given that when I think of a contemporary space I usually think sleek, modern, open, and mostly white with pops of bright colour.

Yesterday morning when I woke up it hit me – lacquer. Lacquer has been popping up more and more frequently in the magazines and blogs that I read and I’ve always rather loved it as it adds a little something extra and unexpected to rooms.
Todd Romano's Manhattan studio via Architectural Digest
Todd Romano's Manhattan studio via Architectural Digest
The image above is of Todd Romano’s Manhattan apartment, and it has laid to rest some of my fears about an all blue room feeling very traditional instead of contemporary. What do you think? Do the lacquered walls add to the contemporary feel to the space? Or am I simply grasping at straws?

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  1. I LOVE what you chose! Lacquer... genius! Also, I TOTALLY admire you for going back to school. It's been weighing on my mind and my heart for a little while now and you're totally inspiring me to just go for it. I must have looked at the GB class schedule like once a week for the last month or so. I'm saying: you're awesome and don't give up on this awesomeness!

  2. That lols incredible especially with those pops of color. Go wild with it! I look forward to seeing the final product.

  3. Oops I meant looks incredible and pops of yellow. Excuse me being on my phone.

  4. Thanks Thalita!
    So far I recommend the classes, although they are a lot of work :)

  5. YAY! You're back at school! Congratulations - don't freak out. Once you get into the swing of things it's pretty much non-stop fun. Until it's work, but even that is fun. As for blue + lacquer, I love it. I'm actually a huge fan of that apartment - that photo in particular - having come across it last year when I was considering blue for the new Money Pit. IMO, lacquer gives it an incredibly modern feel, but I also think the shade/tone contributes to the mood, too. Navy's are very somber colours, very grown up. Pastels are a little childish. But the just-this-side of royal blue in Romano's place is super contemporary, and just plain awesome. Will you share your completed project with us??

  6. I might share the project - I guess it depends how it turns out. Hahaha ;)

  7. Sounds beautiful! and you should be exactly where you are right now!!! Breathe!

  8. We all panic when we start something new, don't worry! You'll get more comfortable, find your groove, and pretty soon you'll be rocking the amazing rooms. I love that navy room! I'm sure you'll come up with something fabulous, can't wait to see!


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