White and Gold Christmas Ornaments

December 20, 2013

Finishing school for the semester left me with a lot of free time that had previously been occupied with homework, so since I had so much fun making my Nutcracker ornaments I decided to do a bit more Christmas crafting. I again made something really easy, but I’m quite pleased with the way they turned out.
glass balls, gold sharpie and white paint
I started with some plain glass ball ornaments I bought at Michaels, some plain white paint, and a fine gold sharpie paint pen. The first step is to add some paint to the inside of the ball and swirl it around to make sure the inside is evenly coated. I used a teaspoon to spoon in the paint, but that was rather messy. I might use a turkey baster or something similar if I do this again. Thankfully the dripped paint cleaned off the glass really easily with a damp rag.
glass balls with the metal hangers removed
I then used an empty egg carton to hold the balls upside down to drain out the extra paint. Once your balls are painted leave them for at least 24 hrs to allow them to dry.
turn glass balls upside down to drain paint
Reattach the balls cap/hanger thingy and you’re ready for the final step. I set up my supplies in front of the TV and did this while watching the Holiday - one of my favourite Christmas movies. All you need to do is draw a pattern on the outside of your glass balls with the paint pen and then wait for the paint to dry. The pen I used was oil based so it took a few minutes to completely dry - be careful when you handle it – you don’t want to smudge your masterpiece.
use gold sharpie to decorate a glass ball
I decided to use an art-deco inspired scalloped pattern on my balls, but you could draw anything you want. You could also use a couple of different coloured pens to change it up. I debated also using a silver pen, but in the end I liked the gold and white combo, and they worked well with my other white and gold Christmas ornaments from past years.
art deco patterned Christmas ball

Art deco pattern on a white Christmas ornament

white Christmas ornament

DIY Christmas ornament

My Christmas tree for 2013. I replaced some of my painted nutcrackers with the new glass balls.
My Christmas tree for 2013. I replaced some of my painted nutcrackers with the new glass balls.
What do you think? I quite like them, and I'm now imagining all sorts of other pattern and colour combinations to do for next year.

I'm a member of Para Paints blog crew, however this paint was received when I attended Blogpodium. the other supplies were purchased.

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  1. Love your balls! (Did that sound dirty?) but seriously, love how the pattern looks and the white/gold combo!

  2. Love this idea!! Makes me want to go out and get these supplies and get started on them for next year!

  3. Haha! If you can find the glass balls they'll be on super sale - the perfect time to buy them :)

  4. Such a simple yet effective craft! Love it. I'll be trying this out next year. :)

  5. Lovely!! I tried this before with swirling paint inside but never drawing on the outside. Great idea!!


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