Painted Nutcracker Christmas Ornaments

December 19, 2013

For the past two years I’ve made my Christmas ornaments - in 2011 my tree was a simple bare branch with some mirrors and home-made felt doves, and in 2012 I pulled out my mini tree and strung a pompom garland and added some white snowflakes. This year I decided to again use my mini tree (although I seriously considered getting myself an adult sized tree – maybe I can find one for a huge discount after Christmas?) and rummaged around my storage locker for my ornament collection which has been steadily growing over the years. I was going to take the easy route and skip the DIYing this year and simply use what I had, but where's the fun in that? All I needed was some inspiration.

One day I was roaming the aisles of my favourite craft store (aka Dollarama) when I spotted some plain wood nutcrackers in a couple of sizes and I knew what I was going to do. I bought a few packages in two sizes as well as a picture hanging kit and brought them home.
Plain wood nutcrackers and a can of paint
My first task was to attach hangers to the top of my nutcrackers. I used the eye screws from the picture hanging kit and screwed them into the top of each nutcracker after first drilling a pilot hole. That was honestly the hardest part of this project.
wood nutcrackers being dipped in paint
After adding some temporary string I took my nutcrackers for a swim. Doesn’t the Para Paints Furby Fuzz (PF63) look a little like the Caribbean sea? I could have used a small paintbrush to paint the nutcrackers, but it seemed easier to simply dunk them, and then use the brush to remove the extra paint. Once they were thoroughly coated I hung them up to dry using some chopsticks wedged under some cookbooks which I think was a rather ingenious solution to figuring out how to dry them without the nutcrackers touching anything and ruining the paint.
painted nutcrackers hanging to dry
Once the nutcrackers were dry it was simply a matter of adding some silver string and then hanging them on my tree.
blue nutcracker ornament

Painted nutcrackers hanging as Christmas ornaments

painted nutcrackers with mirror ornaments

close-up or a blue nutcracker
It turns out I rather massively overestimated the number of nutcrackers that could fit on my wee little tree – while I put them all on for this shot I think the tree is better suited to about half as many. I guess I should take that as a sign I really need to get a ‘grown-up’ tree for next Christmas. 
My decorated tree
As a member of Para Paints Blog Crew I was supplied the paint in this project free of charge.

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  1. super cute!!! Gosh darn I love the Dollar store

  2. Great idea - I can't believe you found those guys at Dollarama! It would be fun to mix it up with a few different colours, but then you'd need an even bigger tree ;)

  3. Sometimes Dollarama gets the same stuff year after year - if I get a bigger tree I'll just go buy more nutcrackers ;) Or I could just repaint some of the ones I already have - It was a super easy crafting project, so it wouldn't take any time at all.

  4. What a beautiful colour blue!! I can see you are thoroughly enjoying your Para paint! I knew you would LOVE it!

  5. Love them! Love all your crafting projects, actually, but these are particularly adorable.


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