Getting Plastered in my Dining Room

December 12, 2013

Remember back in July when I confessed that my dining room a had a small problem? That problem included globs of wallpaper glue, cracks, and a badly patched ceiling.

Dining room corner

dining room ceiling
For my birthday my mom and dad gifted me a repaired dining room, so in late August operation #letsgetplastered begun (yes, this was finished in August and I’m just blogging about it now. I’m a bad blogger). My mom and dad are 'the' original DIYers so they decided that they’d try to fix it themselves first, and if that didn't work we’d call in some hired guns for the job. Those hired guns weren't needed.

First up my mom and I took a trip to Rona to pick up supplies. While there she introduced me to this amazing sanding block she’d seen while shopping in her hometown, and it was so helpful as we started my dining room rehabilitation by hand sanding the walls and ceiling the remove the old wallpaper glue, and try to even our some of the imperfections.

After the sanding was done it was on to a coat of primer, and then onto applying coats of spackling compound in layers to try to even out the walls. Once the last layer of spackle had been sanded it was time for another coat of primer, and then some plain white paint. The whole operation took about a week, and it was a huge success. There are still some imperfections, but it's a thousand times better than it was, and honestly in an almost 100 year old building there isn't a single wall that doesn't have some character.
newly repaired dining room
The After - My newly repaired wall and ceiling
New string light fixture
A new dining room deserves a new light fixture
spring light casting shadows on the walls
For an unplanned bonus when lit the string light casts a neat shadow on the walls which makes any small imperfection even harder to see.
I owe a HUGE thanks to my parents for my birthday present - I was going to pay someone a lot of money to fix the problem, but they've reminded me (again) that if you put your mind to it, have a willingness to try something new, some patience and a bit of help, there are a lot of things you can do yourself.
My newly repaired dining room
PS - My apologies - an all white room is hard to photograph for a relative novice.
PPS - RONA doesn't know I'm posting about the sanding blocks - I just loved them.

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  1. SO much prettier. :) Great job Mom & Dad! I think it's amazing that your parents are so handy! Growing up I was always the handy one in the house. My Dad isn't the handiest man in the world, so my Mom would always call in family friends who were to get things done & I'd always be right in there, holding flashlights or whatever was needed to learn. :) that light fixture too! Great choice.

  2. It looks lovely. You should be proud.

  3. That is a lot of work, it looks beautiful now.

    And your light is amazing, where did you get it?

  4. Hi Christina,

    I bought the light at a store in Toronto that was going out of business. Since then I've seen a lot of DIY versions on the web using balloons or exercise balls as the base. Hope that helps!

  5. They/you did a great job. I love the all-white look, the light and the cute terrarium.

  6. Walls look great - YAY mom & dad! Is that actually a Moooi fixture? Whatever it is, it's gorgeous. I'm green with envy.

  7. I don't think so - it doesn't have the cool empty circle that the Moooi light has. Mine is just a knockoff I'm afraid ;)


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