Monday Morning Love - David Collins Livingroom

October 21, 2013

Good Morning! Are any of you wondering where the weekend went - I know I am. I think it's because last weekend was a long one due to Thanksgiving, and I'm rather partial to long weekends so wish every weekend was at least three days long.

I came across this image a while back and I fell instantly in love. This was the living room of David Collins, who was an Irish Architect and Interior Designer based in London.
Living room by David Collins. Image from AD Spain, Dec. 2009 found here
I love how the room is comprised of mostly blue hues, but with a small pops of gold, and the stunning purple artwork. It's a very masculine space, and even though it was designed 4+ years ago I think it's timeless. I'm quite smitten with the royal blue sofa upholstered in velvet and want to curl up on it with a good book.

What do you think? Do you like this space as much as I do? If you could use one thing in this room in your home what would it be?

PS - I couldn't find the original image on the AD Spain website. It and more shots of David Collins' apartment can be found here.

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  1. What an amazing room! I never would think of using so much blue, but I really love it. That painting is amazing!


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