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October 17, 2013

Last year Para Paints introduced the Para Paints Blog Crew, and with the enticement of 15 gallons worth of free paint I blogged about what I would do if I was chosen as a member. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of the lucky few.

This year at Blog Podium they announced that the Blog crew would be back for a second year. Yippee – a second chance! A member of the crew still gets you a years worth of free paint, $250 towards painting supplies, and social media exposure, but this year they’re offering up the chance to name a colour – how neat is that? Haven’t you ever wondered how they come up with some of the names for paint colours? Seriously – there are hundreds if not thousands of different colours available – how do they name them all? (Personally, I believe there’s heavy usage of dictionaries and thesauruses).

Of course, it couldn’t be as easy as writing a blog post this year, this year they upped the ante – to be considered as a potential member of the 2014 Para Paints Blog Crew bloggers had to submit a video detailing what they would do in their space over the year. WHAT?

My immediate reaction was ‘Nope – not going to do it. That’s scary, and I don’t want to put myself out there like that’. Some people would say that blogging is already putting myself out there, but even though I’m sharing my thoughts on things that interest me, I’m still feel like I have a bit of anonymity – I can hide behind the keyboard a little bit. Video on the other hand is different – you can see me, and not some carefully chosen photo at the top of my sidebar, but me in ‘real life’ without the downcast gaze and the zit carefully removed from my chin. What’s more, with a video you can hear me, which is a rather foreign concept in my blogging world where I communicate solely via my written words. What if I sound funny? What if I suddenly start using ‘um’ and ‘like’ every second word? What if, what if, what if? Before Para had even finished their video presentation about the 2014 Blog Crew I had decided that it just wasn’t for me.

A couple of weeks went by and then I finally started writing my post about BlogPodium, and as I was typing out my notes from Sarah Richardson’s keynote speech a couple of points jumped out at me:
There it was – why was I not even going to give making a video a try? What did I have to loose? If I tried it, and I was completely out of my element then I could stop recording, and even though it didn’t work I would have at least tried to do something new – I would have pushed those boundaries just a wee bit.

It turns out recording a video is a lot of hard work – setting up shots takes a while, and then there’s the actual taking of the video. I had genius plan to write out my script, but it turned out I couldn’t see that far without squinting – not really the look on video I was going for. Then I thought I could set up my laptop on the coffee table below the camera, and have it scroll slowly through the script (rather like the opening scene of Star Wars), but I couldn’t get the speed right so I either sounded like I was racing to finish, or I had to pause periodically to wait for more words to appear – either way it wasn’t working. In the end I ended up just winging it – I looked at the camera, opened my mouth, spoke for what seemed like ages, and then hit the stop record button. Then of course there was editing the video – there’s nothing like learning new software on a deadline.

Anyways, after all that I decided that since I’d gone to all that trouble to step outside my comfort zone, I might as well go one step farther and share it with the world, so here you go – me, way outside my comfort zone:

Ta-Da! What do you think?  I have to say I’m rather pleased - I only said ‘um’ twice, and not a single ‘like’

There were nine bloggers who submitted videos, so I’m going to ask you a favour – Para has posted all the videos on their Facebook page, please head over there and watch them, and ‘like’ and comment on the ones you like. I know how hard each of them worked on their videos, and if they’re like me they found it scary to put themselves out there so show them how much their efforts are appreciated.

If all goes well, I’ll hopefully be chosen as a member of the 2014 Para Blog Crew and, as luck would have it, I’ve already come up with the name for my paint colour – ‘Homeboner white’. It has a nice right to it, doesn’t it?

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  1. Good luck!!! I didnt enter because my whole condo is painted already (boo) but I am excited to see who wins! I think my favourite thing in the ENTIRE world would be to name a paint colour :) I would name it after myself, clearly. and unicorns.

  2. Awesome! You looked so comfortable in front of the camera. Good job and good luck!

  3. Casey's unicorn sounds like a lovely colour ;)

  4. OMG "homeboner" - I love it! Good for you for just going with it and having a sense of humour! I totally understand your hesitation - you're much braver than I am, good for you! Going to vote now, good luck!

  5. I love this! awesome video! I too stepped out of my comfort zone to do the PARA video and I say gold star to all of us who did - simply doing the video was a great big step in the right direction! best of luck:) In my view, we're all superstars:)

  6. Nicely done, you're braver than me! Love your sense of humour :) I think homeboner deserves a spot in the dictionary!

  7. That was great! Homeboner... omg LOL! You seemed very much at ease - good luck :)

  8. Fingers crossed for you! You are hilarious and should probably spend more time on camera. I, on the other hand, have a personality for the web. :)

  9. It's always great to try new things so kudos to you for trying out something new! I say this every single time I think "Hey let's try this recipe" knowing full well there's a 50/50 chance of it being edible. Good luck! :)

  10. I imagine it would have to be a rainbow colour, with sparkles in it. That exists right?

  11. Congratulations for taking a risk and for winning!

  12. Thanks Margaret!


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