Monday Morning Love - I'm Jealous of Keri Russell

September 30, 2013

Good Morning Everyone! This is going to be a short post today, as I was up late last night working on some homework for my colour theory class, and it was one am before I realized I hadn't written a post yet for the morning (nor had I managed to write my BlogPodium recap, but that's another issue).

Fiddle Leaf tree's have been pretty popular in the last year or so, and when Lindsay over at Little House Blog posted in February that Ikea sold them for $15 I headed out and bought one. I was happy with it for about a week, and then I realized that I may have a bit of a black thumb when it comes to plants. It hasn't really died, but it's no longer pretty - the leaves that have toughed it out have gone brown around the edges, but most have fallen off so my cute little tree now looks rather sad. I can't get rid of it though 'cause it's not TRULY dead.
Keri Russell's Brooklyn Livingroom. Photo by William Waldron in Elle Decor
Keri Russell's Brooklyn Livingroom. Photo by William Waldron in Elle Decor
Anyways, I've had this image of Keri Russell's Brooklyn home pinned for a few months, and while I love her livingroom (the fireplace, the crown moulding!!!), I'm fairly certain what originally drew me to the photo was her lovely, healthy, THRIVING Fiddle Leaf tree by the window. Some people are jealous of Keri Russell because she's gorgeous, some because of her hair (tell me you remember her in Felicity), but not me - I'm jealous of her tree.

You can see more of Keri Russell's home in Elle Decor.

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  1. If I dared to buy a fiddle leaf fig, no doubt I would end up jealous of Keri Russell too. Plants and I just don't get along.


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