Monday Morning Love - Eames Dining Chairs and a Secret

September 16, 2013

If you've read my blog for a while you'll know of my deep and abiding love of the Eames dining chair with wooden legs, so I thought I'd share some lovely dining rooms all using the chair, but with hugely varying looks.
Photo via

Photo by Patric Johansson
Photo by Patric Johansson

Photo by Bernard Touillon via
Photo via (If you know the original source please let me know)
(yes, I know the last image hasn't got the exact same chair, but I'm including it because it's amazing, and I love the Eames rocker too)

Now I need to let you in on a little secret I've been keeping. Last summer I was walking by my local Kitchen Stuff Plus and I spotted a replica version of the chair. I was so excited I even blogged about it, and asked your opinion on what I should do - buy the replicas, or keep my black dining chairs. The opinions were evenly split, and then my mom (who is a great sounding board for all my schemes) came down on the side of keeping my black spindle chairs. So keep them I did - for a few more months anyways.

In early spring I opened my email to discover Kitchen Stuff Plus was having a 25% off all furniture sale. Excuse me? (insert image of me mentally calculating while doing a happy dance). A savings of 25% times four dining chairs is practically one free chair! Now the sale was limited to only one item per day per customer, and I still had my black dining chairs, but Kitchen Stuff Plus has a rather amazing 30 day return policy. I therefore did what any other self-respecting lover of Eames style chairs, who also loves a sale, would do - I bought one chair a day over four days and schlepped them home (it's a 1k walk). At the same time I listed my black chairs for sale on Craigslist and Kijiji with the promise to myself that if they didn't sell within the 30 days the much-loved Eames dining chairs would be returned.
Modern Eames-style dining chairs
Within a few days my black chairs were sold for $200, and that meant my dream chairs were finally mine. For those of you keeping track the chairs were normally $67.49 each. When you subtract the 25% they were $50.62 each or $202.48 for four. My four black dining chairs cost $71.28, which means when you subtract the $200 I got from their sale on I got four of my dream chairs for just $74.
Eames style dining chair
The moral of the story is eventually, if you're patient enough, and crafty enough you can get exactly what you want.

PS - Kitchen Stuff Plus has no idea that I'm writing this post - I got a good deal so I thought I'd share.
PPS - The KSP 25% off all furniture sale is on again though September 22nd.

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  1. They look great! I have to say I did the same thing for vases for my wedding - bought one a day for 14 days or something bc they wouldn't budge on their policy!

  2. LOVE THEM! I'm also a huge fan of the Eames chairs -- they're on my wish list! Nicely done on being crafty and scoring yourself a huge deal. They look great! :)

  3. Love 'em! Classic style and such a payoff when you have to wait for the things you love :)

  4. Gorgeous score! Love the chairs and love that they almost paid for themselves. Wait, maybe that should be your next "patient and crafty" challenge - figure out how to get your decorating upgrades to pay for themselves!

  5. Congrats! I eyeballed those chairs myself and seriously considered getting them if I could find the right dining table to fit in our tiny "dining room." When I couldn't, I repurposed an old table we have and went with rattan chairs instead, but I still covet that look. Maybe in our next place .... (a girl can dream)

  6. Nice! Sometimes it's hard to be patient, but it sure paid off this time. We are eyeing the Salt chairs at DWR...they are having a sale on dining furniture right now.

  7. You gotta love the classic Eames chair! I'll be at BlogPodium this weekend so I'll be sure to find you and say hi :)


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