Zara Home is Coming to Canada

August 01, 2013

Having an Irish mother meant that growing up I spent a bit of time in Europe visiting relatives. On one such trip I was introduced to Zara, and I was amazed by the store filled with lovely clothing, and very pleased to be able to buy some clothes that nobody had at home.

Zara eventually opened stores in Canada, and it remains one of my favorites for fun, fairly inexpensive clothing. A few years ago I discovered that Zara had a housewares division and from time to time would browse the European web stores to see what they had. When I was in Ireland last fall I even checked to see if there was a retail store so I could finally go shopping, but was disappointed to discover there wasn't one.

This past spring I heard some Internet rumblings that Zara Home would finally be opening an online store in Canada, and unbelievably a retail location as well. I tried not to get my hopes up, and refrained from perusing their wares online. This past Tuesday I heard that the first Canadian retail location would open at Yorkdale shopping center on August 22nd, and that the online store would open that day as well (a second retail location in Laval, QC will open on Aug 29th). After hearing the news I  jumped right online and picked out a few favourites.
Zara home favourites
Clockwise from top Left: Round Openwork Metal TrayLinen Pillow with Central MotifLeaf Napkin Rings*, Black and White Stripes PillowCut Glass Water TumblerKimono Dish Towel, Gold Stripe VaseSkull Tumbler*, Floral Print Throw
What do you think? Do you have a favorite from the above? I can't decide between the tray and the skull tumblers.

PS - The items above are mostly from the US site, but a couple are from the UK.
PPS - Oh the irony of hearing that Zara was Finally going to open just days after realizing that any extra money in my budget for the foreseeable future will be going to plaster repairs.
PPPS - This is not a sponsored post - I'm just a bit excited Zara is finally coming to Canada.

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  1. Hey, we should make a date to hit up the opening (or at least, our first visit) together! Unfortunately Im away Aug 23-26, so Im probably the worst date ever. hahahahahah

  2. Exciting news! I visited Zara Home when we were in Palma Majorca and was pleasantly surprised by how stylish and affordable their home décors are. I might just write about it and post some pictures from my trip on my blog. Thanks for sharing this.


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