Monday Morning Love - Jackie Astier Dining Room

August 19, 2013

My Mom came to town on Friday to see me and to give me a bit of a hand with trying to fix my dining room (also to see my brother who's in town from the UK - it's a bit of a family reunion this week). You may remember that I recently shared my big shame - my dining room, complete with globs of wallpaper paste and cracked plaster walls. I've gotten a few quotes from professionals to get the walls and ceiling skim coated, but when those quotes were from anywhere from one to two thousand dollars I've decided that I'm suddenly much more inclined to try the DIY route. So far we've sanded every surface trying to remove as much wallpaper glue as possible, and primed using a plaster friendly primer. Next up - adventures in skim coating. Wish us luck.

Anyways, in keeping with this weekends activities I thought I'd share this dining room that was featured in Elle Decor.
Elle Decor Jackie Astier blue lacquer dining room
Dining room by Jackie Astier
It's it gorgeous? It's the dining room of Jackie Astier, and I can't decide what I like the most - the lacquered walls, the amazing dining table, or the chairs upholstered in teal. What do you think? Would you ever be tempted to lacquer your walls? Or use teal and gold?

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