Monday Morning Love - Castel-Meur

August 12, 2013

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I didn't. I spent it working on my final project for my drafting class. I think I may have a permanent crick in my neck from hunching over my drafting board. My project is due on Tuesday and then I'll be done the course. Hallelujah! In all honestly so far I'm pretty happy with the way the project is turning out. If that's still the case once I'm done I might share it here - but we'll have to see how the colouring portion goes since it's been quite a white since I've coloured anything and I'm out of practice :)

Anyways, I saw this image on Friday evening when I should have been working on my project and I fell in love - isn't it the neatest looking house you've ever seen?
Castel Meur
Photo by: Joerg A. Schneider
The house is in Plougrescant in north-western France. Built in 1861, it was situated between the giant boulders to protect it from high winds and storms. It's still owned by the same family who now use it as a vacation home.

What do you think? I've always been a bit partial to stone houses, and this one is no exception.

More info about Castel Meur can be found here (in French)

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