Finding Everything but What I Want

August 29, 2013

I’ve recently been on a ‘kinda-sorta’ search for a piece of furniture for my place. It’s a ‘kinda-sorta’ search because it’s not a need – more of a want, so every few weeks I troll Craigslist and Kijiji to see if magically what I want is available. Here’s where the difficulty lies – I very rarely find what I’m looking for, but instead find quite a number of things I’d buy if I only I had the space/money. Does this happen to anyone else, or am I the only one afflicted with this problem?

Last night I spent WAY more time than I should have looking online at other people's used stuff, and since I found a few items I’d consider bringing home if I had the space, I thought I’d share.
Faux bamboo chairs around a white table
Faux Bamboo Chippendale Chairs - $100 each (Sellers image)
In all honestly I’m not sure if this is a great deal, but I think they’re pretty. One might be nice as a desk chair.
white campaign-style dresser
White Campaign Dresser - $120 (Sellers image)
I know Campaign style dressers have been quite popular recently. I can’t decide if I’d paint this a fun colour, or leave as-is. I rather like the white with the chrome.
Bar bar cart
Brass Bar Cart - $10 (Sellers image)
Brass bar carts are usually pretty expensive.This one isn’t. It hasn’t got the most elegant lines, but for $10 I might be willing to overlook that.
Antique Cane Seat Chairs
Antique Cane Seat Chairs - $100 for 4 (Sellers image)
I’m kind of in love with these chairs – aren’t they sweet? I think they’d be lovely around a small marble bistro table.
Brass Dining Chairs
Brass Dining Chairs - $120 for 6 (Sellers Image)
I really wish the seller had posted some other pictures of these chairs - I’d love to see the side profile. I think they could be pretty amazing if they were re-upholstered.
Mahogany Secretary
Mahogany Secretary - $600 (sellers Image)
Surprisingly, this time I did find exactly what I wanted  for sale. Unfortunately it’s a bit on the pricy side. Also, it's in another country. Isn’t it pretty though?

What do you think? Would you be tempted to bring any of the above home? Or am I a bit crazy?

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  1. sigh, dont you wish you had a big ol house? I know I do some days! I have to think hard about space before even bringing in a plant!

  2. Hey, those are my chairs, and they ARE a steal at $100 each :)

    someone is coming to pick them up tonight.


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