Finding Everything but What I Want

August 29, 2013

I’ve recently been on a ‘kinda-sorta’ search for a piece of furniture for my place. It’s a ‘kinda-sorta’ search because it’s not a need – more of a want, so every few weeks I troll Craigslist and Kijiji to see if magically what I want is available. Here’s where the difficulty lies – I very rarely find what I’m looking for, but instead find quite a number of things I’d buy if I only I had the space/money. Does this happen to anyone else, or am I the only one afflicted with this problem?

Last night I spent WAY more time than I should have looking online at other people's used stuff, and since I found a few items I’d consider bringing home if I had the space, I thought I’d share.
Faux bamboo chairs around a white table
Faux Bamboo Chippendale Chairs - $100 each (Sellers image)
In all honestly I’m not sure if this is a great deal, but I think they’re pretty. One might be nice as a desk chair.
white campaign-style dresser
White Campaign Dresser - $120 (Sellers image)
I know Campaign style dressers have been quite popular recently. I can’t decide if I’d paint this a fun colour, or leave as-is. I rather like the white with the chrome.
Bar bar cart
Brass Bar Cart - $10 (Sellers image)
Brass bar carts are usually pretty expensive.This one isn’t. It hasn’t got the most elegant lines, but for $10 I might be willing to overlook that.
Antique Cane Seat Chairs
Antique Cane Seat Chairs - $100 for 4 (Sellers image)
I’m kind of in love with these chairs – aren’t they sweet? I think they’d be lovely around a small marble bistro table.
Brass Dining Chairs
Brass Dining Chairs - $120 for 6 (Sellers Image)
I really wish the seller had posted some other pictures of these chairs - I’d love to see the side profile. I think they could be pretty amazing if they were re-upholstered.
Mahogany Secretary
Mahogany Secretary - $600 (sellers Image)
Surprisingly, this time I did find exactly what I wanted  for sale. Unfortunately it’s a bit on the pricy side. Also, it's in another country. Isn’t it pretty though?

What do you think? Would you be tempted to bring any of the above home? Or am I a bit crazy?


Monday Morning Love - A Colourful Bathroom, and Some Great News

August 26, 2013

Morning everyone! I hope you had an excellent weekend. Is anyone else having a hard time believing that it's the last week of August already? Where has this summer gone? It seems like just last week I still putting a hat on when I left the house and already there's fall clothing in stores, and today I saw Halloween decorations for sale in Home Sense.
Bathroom by Natalie Clayman Interior Design
Anyways, I saw this image of this bathroom by Natalie Clayman a few weeks ago and I loved it so I thought I'd share. I adore all of it - the red vanity, the marble sink, the wall mounted faucet, the scones,the rug, the black bamboo mirror, but I think the best part is the whimsical Paradiso Wallpaper by Nina Campbell. Love it.

You may recall that this summer I was taking an Intro to Drafting course (this might be part of the reason I feel summer has flown by). Anyways, the final grades were released yesterday, and I'm a little pleased with myself.
Yay me! Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Monday Morning Love - Jackie Astier Dining Room

August 19, 2013

My Mom came to town on Friday to see me and to give me a bit of a hand with trying to fix my dining room (also to see my brother who's in town from the UK - it's a bit of a family reunion this week). You may remember that I recently shared my big shame - my dining room, complete with globs of wallpaper paste and cracked plaster walls. I've gotten a few quotes from professionals to get the walls and ceiling skim coated, but when those quotes were from anywhere from one to two thousand dollars I've decided that I'm suddenly much more inclined to try the DIY route. So far we've sanded every surface trying to remove as much wallpaper glue as possible, and primed using a plaster friendly primer. Next up - adventures in skim coating. Wish us luck.

Anyways, in keeping with this weekends activities I thought I'd share this dining room that was featured in Elle Decor.
Elle Decor Jackie Astier blue lacquer dining room
Dining room by Jackie Astier
It's it gorgeous? It's the dining room of Jackie Astier, and I can't decide what I like the most - the lacquered walls, the amazing dining table, or the chairs upholstered in teal. What do you think? Would you ever be tempted to lacquer your walls? Or use teal and gold?

Life Lately

My Final Project - Colouring is hard

August 15, 2013

On Monday I mentioned that I was almost finished the final project for the Intro. to drafting course I’ve been taking. I’m happy to report that I managed to finish it, and get it submitted on time – Yay me!

For the project we were given a condo plan, and we were supposed to draw a presentation drawing of both the living and dining rooms with furniture, do two wall elevations of each room, and then do an isometric drawing of one room. Not only did we have to draw the rooms, but we had to fill them with furniture, and draw the furnishings to scale. By Sunday evening after more than 12 hrs. of work I was pretty pleased with my drawings and on Monday I only had the colouring of the two floor plans to complete. I honestly don’t remember when the last time I coloured anything was, but I’m guessing it was about 15years ago, and unfortunately my colouring skills haven’t improved with a decade and half of being unused.

Despite my rusty artistic skills I was pretty proud of what I created. Well, I was until I got to class on Tuesday evening and saw some of the other student’s projects - some of them were really good, and a lot of them have obviously been using their colouring skills more regularly than I have.

Anyways, here is my final project:
Living room floorplan

Bedroom floorplan

LR elevations

Bedroom elevations

bedroom isometric drawing
What do you think? Please be kind as I won’t know my final grade for a few weeks.

PS - If you'd like to see what the furniture was that I was trying to draw, I created a Pinterest board to make it easier for me to find them when I needed dimensions. You can see the board here.


Monday Morning Love - Castel-Meur

August 12, 2013

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I didn't. I spent it working on my final project for my drafting class. I think I may have a permanent crick in my neck from hunching over my drafting board. My project is due on Tuesday and then I'll be done the course. Hallelujah! In all honestly so far I'm pretty happy with the way the project is turning out. If that's still the case once I'm done I might share it here - but we'll have to see how the colouring portion goes since it's been quite a white since I've coloured anything and I'm out of practice :)

Anyways, I saw this image on Friday evening when I should have been working on my project and I fell in love - isn't it the neatest looking house you've ever seen?
Castel Meur
Photo by: Joerg A. Schneider
The house is in Plougrescant in north-western France. Built in 1861, it was situated between the giant boulders to protect it from high winds and storms. It's still owned by the same family who now use it as a vacation home.

What do you think? I've always been a bit partial to stone houses, and this one is no exception.

More info about Castel Meur can be found here (in French)


My First Attempt at Pinch-Pleated Drapes

August 09, 2013

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – I’m a bad blogger. I start all sorts of projects (sometimes I even finish them) and then don’t blog about them until months later. Here’s one such project which I first mentioned in March.

You may remember last year I asked for a little help in figuring out how much fabric I needed to makes drapes for my living room. I was planning on buying some lovely fabric and wanted to make sure I bought enough given there was a pattern, and the window is rather large. I bought the fabric and then had a bit of a nervous breakdown at the thought of trying to actually makes drapes as I’d never attempted them before. Adding to the panic – I wanted to make pinch-pleated drapes – not the easier tab or rod pocket style, and I wanted them to be fully lined. I decided a trial run was needed to assure myself that a complete novice could do it.

My bedroom windows were elected for my first foray into sewing drapes, and I collected my supplies. I decided to keep it as simple at possible and stuck with a plain white fabric (I think it was this, and this was the lining). While it wouldn’t allow me to practice matching a pattern, the plain white best suits the design plan I have for my bedroom. I also wanted simple drapery hardware so I chose this rod and finials from Ikea because they were simple and inexpensive.
bedroom curtain pleats

white curtains touching the floor
Just touching the floor
This isn’t a how-to post simply because there are a lot of really great tutorials on the web about how to sew drapes. I mostly used this one by Kristi, and I relied on YouTube to teach myself how to sew a blind hem. This tutorial video was pretty good, and I practiced for a while on scrap fabric.
bedroom curtains on a dark curtain rod

White bedroom curtains
My new 8ft tall pinch-pleated drapes
It was a lot of work, but in the end I’m quite pleased with the result. More importantly I’m not quite as nervous to try making drapes for my living room. What do you think? Do they look okay? Have you ever sewn pinch-pleated drapery panels, or other types of window coverings?


Monday Morning Love - Pink and Gold Living Room

August 04, 2013

I think I've mentioned that I'm taking an Intro. to Drafting course, and it wraps up in just over a week. For the final project we have to draft a floor plan for a condo which mean I've been trolling Pinterest and the internet at large for inspiration on furniture ideas.
Caitlin Wilson Rittenhouse square Penthouse Livingroom
Source: Caitlin Wilson
I found this image of a living room designed by Caitlin Wilson and I fell in love. While this shade of pink is a very bold and striking colour, decorating the rest of the room in mostly whites and creams means the couch, while undeniably the center of attention in the room, isn't competing visually against anything else. It's without a doubt a feminine space, but it's also a relaxed and happy one.

What do you think? Could you live with a pink couch?


Zara Home is Coming to Canada

August 01, 2013

Having an Irish mother meant that growing up I spent a bit of time in Europe visiting relatives. On one such trip I was introduced to Zara, and I was amazed by the store filled with lovely clothing, and very pleased to be able to buy some clothes that nobody had at home.

Zara eventually opened stores in Canada, and it remains one of my favorites for fun, fairly inexpensive clothing. A few years ago I discovered that Zara had a housewares division and from time to time would browse the European web stores to see what they had. When I was in Ireland last fall I even checked to see if there was a retail store so I could finally go shopping, but was disappointed to discover there wasn't one.

This past spring I heard some Internet rumblings that Zara Home would finally be opening an online store in Canada, and unbelievably a retail location as well. I tried not to get my hopes up, and refrained from perusing their wares online. This past Tuesday I heard that the first Canadian retail location would open at Yorkdale shopping center on August 22nd, and that the online store would open that day as well (a second retail location in Laval, QC will open on Aug 29th). After hearing the news I  jumped right online and picked out a few favourites.
Zara home favourites
Clockwise from top Left: Round Openwork Metal TrayLinen Pillow with Central MotifLeaf Napkin Rings*, Black and White Stripes PillowCut Glass Water TumblerKimono Dish Towel, Gold Stripe VaseSkull Tumbler*, Floral Print Throw
What do you think? Do you have a favorite from the above? I can't decide between the tray and the skull tumblers.

PS - The items above are mostly from the US site, but a couple are from the UK.
PPS - Oh the irony of hearing that Zara was Finally going to open just days after realizing that any extra money in my budget for the foreseeable future will be going to plaster repairs.
PPPS - This is not a sponsored post - I'm just a bit excited Zara is finally coming to Canada.

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