Monday Morning Love - Green with Black Polkadots

July 29, 2013

I'm going to try something new. On Monday mornings I thought I'd post something pretty I've found while exploring the internet. Most of what I'll post is stuff I've pinned - I'm rather hoping this will encourage me to go back and explore what I've pinned and see if the same images still resonate with me weeks or even months later.
Photographer: Joanna Henderson
Photographer: Joanna Henderson
For whatever reason I love this entry and stairs. I'm not sure if it's the green runner, or the black polka dots on the walls but it makes me happy. If I were to change anything I'd use only one pattern for the floor rugs - either the zebra or the x's - I find the two just a bit much. What do you think? Do you like the space? Would you do this in your home?

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  1. Green isnt really my colour, but I like this image too! I wonder what the rest of the house looks like?

  2. I love this entryway! The mix of patterns is gorge but it's the green all the way. Love the bold runner.


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