I Need To Get Plastered

July 24, 2013

How’s that for a post title? While I do from time to time enjoy a glass of wine, in this instance I’m referring to the second definition of the word.
Plastered definition
Source: Google
My building is 80+ years old so most of my apartment’s walls and ceilings are plaster. You may (or may not) have noticed that in the time I’ve been writing this blog I’ve only talked about my dining room once. There’s a pretty good reason for this – I’m rather ashamed of it.

When I moved into my unit the dining room had white-painted wallpaper on the walls and also the ceiling. While not offensive, the wallpaper was starting to peel so I decided it had to come down. This in itself wasn’t a problem. The problem was what the wallpaper was hiding – globs of wallpaper paste, and more problematic, cracks in the ceiling that had been inexpertly repaired. I should have left the paper where it was.
Dining room corner
I briefly considered trying to fix it myself, but given I had so many other projects on the go and my brief research freaked me out with how much work it would be, I put this room aside and went to work on some other things.

It’s now three years later and I still haven’t done anything to fix this room. I did get a quote a year or so ago for having the room skim coated, but the number I got was quite a bit more than I had anticipated, so nothing got done.
Dining room ceiling
You may be asking yourself what’s changed – why is Michelle now unmasking her shameful dining room for all to see? It turns out I may have a bit of a problem on my hands.

Last week I noticed a couple of cracks in my living room wall that hadn’t been there a few weeks prior, and unfortunately in the past few days they’ve gotten bigger. The wall is also bowing out a bit in some of the locations of the cracks, and this has me more than a little concerned that the wall is about to come crashing down.
Living room wall
Note:The cracks aren't visible in photos so I drew where they are
While I had contemplated trying to DIY the skim coat in my dining room, cracking and bowing plaster is way beyond anything I would ever attempt to repair, so I’m hoping you can help me – I need a plasterer. I’m hoping some of my lovely readers might know of one in the Toronto area that they’d recommend. If I have to get a plasterer in to fix my living room walls I may as well have them do my dining room at the same time – right?

Please pass along the names of anyone you know - it would be very much appreciated!

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  1. I can help you get plastered, but I cant much help with knowing someone to fix your walls :(

  2. I feel your pain :( We just moved back into a house we own (but were renting) and our walls are plaster. Our friendly tenants put holes EVERYWHERE. And we need the same type of work done. Let me know if you find someone good :) Sorry I can't be of much help.

    Also, I could also help you get plastered.

  3. I'll let you know if I hear of anyone :)

  4. Once I get some quotes I have a feeling I'll need someone to get plastered with ;)


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