Scenes From My Weekend

March 18, 2013

I went into this past weekend with rather grand plans to get all sorts of stuff accomplished.  Friday night started with me deciding at 11pm to do this:

That's one of the ugly green chairs I talked about in my last post - it's looking better already isn't it? I only did that to one chair though (I'm sitting in the other as I type this), and I still need to clean it up and fix some dings and marks, but at least this project is finally moving in the right direction - right?

Saturday morning found me going completely crazy and heading to Ikea to pick up something I needed for another project I'm working on. I knew what I wanted, so while it was busy, I managed to cruise through pretty quickly and get out relatively unscathed (with only 2 unplanned items coming home with me).
That other project? Making some drapes for my bedroom. In the fall I bought some gorgeous fabric for drapes for my living room, but I've been too scared to touch it since I've never sewn drapes before. I decided that a trial run was in order, and the bedroom got elected as my guinea pig. I've never sewn anything more complicated than a straight line, but I've gotten rather ambitious - hopefully at the end I'll end up with some fully lined, pinch-pleated drapes. To that end I spent a good deal of Saturday watching YouTube videos trying to figure out how to sew a blind hem.
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So far the project has elicited some sailor-approved language from me and I've run out of band-aids for all the times I've stabbed myself in the fingers with pins. Also - I now completely understand why custom drapes as SO expensive!

Sunday was St. Patrick's Day, and while out running errands I spotted this cool ride:
I then headed for my home away from home - Home Depot. I was there on Thursday, and then back on Sunday. Two trips for two completely different reasons, and both times I  spent more time there than I should have. Am I weird to like exploring there? I always seen to find new things to look at.
I had planned to going home after that to work on my drapes, but a little something happened to derail my plans.
Stork with baby bundle
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My boyfriend D became an uncle for the second time, so we headed to the hospital to welcome the new bundle into the world, which I think is a perfectly excellent reason not to have gotten the drapes completed.

How was your weekend - any projects started or completed? Did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

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  1. We seem to be working on identical projects! Can't wait to see how the chair turns out. I need to get going on our drapes for the family room and kitchen. I've been procrastinating out of fear of totally messing them up. Time to give them a try I suppose!


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