EEPS! I’m getting old!

March 07, 2013

It’s my birthday on Friday. I’ll be turning 29 34, which can I just say is pretty weird. Wasn’t it just a few months ago that I was in my twenties? I’m pretty sure it was.  Does anyone else remember when they were kids that it felt like SO LONG between Christmas and March break? Or summer vacation and Christmas? Why does it seem like time is moving so much faster now that I’m an adult? And how do I slow time down? I’m not prepared to be nearing my mid-thirties. Ick – even typing that was scary.

Anyways, in an effort to cheer myself up I thought I’d put together a completely self-indulgent list of things I’d love to get for my birthday. These are things that I may have pinned, that I may need, or I just want but would never buy for myself (especially now since I have replacement windows to pay for)

I spotted this lovely scarf in Chapters the other day and I loved the colours – $38
Floral scarf at Chapters
Watercolour Floral Print Scarf - Chapters
I need a new pair of rain boots – mine sprung a leak which sort-of defeats their purpose. This time I’d like a lovely pair of Hunters – $160
Hunter tall welly boots in Gloss
Hunter - Tall Welly Boots in Gloss from Get Outside shoes
I’m not a girl who wears a lot of jewellery, and then I do it tends to be pretty minimalist. I’ve loved this Dana Rebecca necklace for years – $275 USD
Lauren Joy Necklace - Dana Rebecca Designs
My brother got me some Molton Brown body washes a couple of Christmases ago and I’ve loved them ever since – $30USD
Molton Brown - Pink Pepperpod Body Wash
Molton Brown - Pink Pepperpod Body Wash
This guy is so ridiculous that I need him. Who doesn’t want a gold hatted gnome? – $65
Gold hatted Gnome Container - Amazon
Gold hatted Gnome Container - Amazon
I’d love some art for my walls. I’ve had this small Elizabeth Lennie painting pinned forever. I really like her work, and would love to have one of her swimming paintings – $250
Training by Elizabeth Lennie
Training by Elizabeth Lennie
If you had a birthday coming up would you like to get any of the same things as I would? If not what’s on your dream list?

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  1. Happy birthday (tomorrow) Michelle! Nice wish list. The swim painting is pretty cool. Definitely.

  2. Chapters has been really coming out with some nice stuff lately! That scarf is so pretty, you could wear it even with just a white shirt.

    I live by my Hunters, they are a great investment. I've done tons of yardwork(we cut down 40 trees on our property). Some days were cold and mucky and my feet never got wet. I've had them for 2 years and just love them. Mine are so mashed up that they are officially now just work boots but I plan on getting a new colourful pair.

    Happy Birthday Shopping!

  3. I'm making my birthday list too...phew...thought i was the only one. That Gnome is on it! Come on now...get yourself that gorgeous scarf!

  4. Thanks Jordana!

  5. Thanks Danica!

    I'm probably going to get a black pair. My last ones were bright sunshine yellow, and while I liked them I got a wee tired of the weird looks I got while wearing them.

  6. Nope - most definitely not the only one! I'm debating if I should get myself a gift for my birthday - do people do that?

  7. lisa@digit-l.comMarch 18, 2013 2:29 pm

    Curious if any (or all) of your birthday dreams came true?

  8. Not so far, but I could always buy myself something from the list :)


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