Thrifty Thursday–It’s for the Birds

February 07, 2013

I haven’t always loved thrifting. Growing up my mom would go to the thrift store every so often to drop off some stuff we didn’t need anymore, and while there she would normally browse the books since there were usually lots of read-only-once books for about $0.50. I didn’t like to go into the store with her because thrift stores have a certain smell that, as a child, I couldn’t stand.

Over the past year or so I’ve developed a deep love of thrifting which in all honesty I blame squarely on blogs. Before I started this one, and reading so many others, I never went thrifting. Now, every time I read a post about someone's wonderful find I find myself plotting my next thrifting adventure. I don’t know if it’s the thrill of not knowing what you’ll find, or the crazy belief that one day I’ll walk into a thrift store an discover an original Eames lounge chair and ottoman with pristine leather, but I now recognise that ‘Thrift store smell’ for what it really is – buried treasure.

The other day I was looking around my home and I realised that over the last few months I’ve collected a number of thrifty finds that I haven’t told you about, so I’m starting Thrifty Thursdays – where I blog about some of the random things I’ve found – some of which I’m leaving as is, and some I’ve made improvements to.

A few months ago I was in value village when I spotted this rather gaudy little guy for $2.
Thrift store ceramic parrot
Now, normally I would have just walked right by (the picture doesn’t do the colours justice – they were bad, and they were also rubbed off in some places), but earlier that day I had been in HomeSense where I had spotted this guy for $25 and for a moment was tempted to bring him home.
Ceramic parrot at HomeSense
Ceramic Parrot - HomeSense - $25
I bought my ugly new find home, and after a bit of spray paint and some felt to cover the bottom (leftover from this project) I had a decidedly less ugly bird statue, and all for just $2.
thrift store parrot painted white
What do you think? Would you have brought him home? Or would you have left him to languish in misery on the thrift store shelf?

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  1. You know, I'm not a fan of the original parrot at HS, but I absolutely love your re-creation! I think it's because your bird seems a lot smoother. Anyway, pretty! Before I saw this post, no I wouldn't likely have brought it home. Now though... there's a good chance!

  2. I found myself this week planning my next thrifting trip after reading a bloggers trip and her finds, but my visit wasn't what I was hoping. I did find a few items, but no great finds.

    It's funny how much I love to go thrifting now, because I hated it growing up. Though since my tastes have changed I've learned to really appreciate the cost savings that thrifting allows, plus some of my favorite items are secondhand

  3. I have to admit that I would have passed him up too but this definitely makes me rethink my bypass-the-tchotchkes-at-the-thrift-store rule.

  4. I think that "thrift store smell" might be something else, but yeah, there is buried treasure on those wonky Goodwill shelves. You found one of the gems!

  5. While I enjoy the parrot, the cardinal you painted is decidedly less commonplace as decor, an original because you rehabbed him with paint, *and* (bonus) a bird that's native to north America. Cool!

  6. I love the bird especially after what you did to it. The details are wonderful. I found you at Frugal Friday.

  7. Wow, so much better now! Your bird turned out great and I like it better than the HS one for sure!

  8. White spray paint can transform anything. That poor bird is now a treasure.

  9. Oh he turned out so pretty! I've thought of doing this to some of my less than beautiful figurines!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  10. Love the finished product! Totally better than the HS one!

  11. Your little guy turned out great! It's amazing the effect a can of white spray paint has on "other people's trash".

  12. I like your finished product so much more! Your cardinal is quite regal whereas the parrot is ... demented. :-)

  13. I seen something like this at Target and they wanted way too much money. This project reminds me of that, and now I need to find a bird! LOL Thanks for sharing this too at CSI Project "Thrift Store Turnaround"!

    Shelly @MinettesMaze


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