Oh! Christmas Tree

December 17, 2012

Last year I went the unconventional route with my Christmas tree and used some fallen tree branches for my tree. This year I decided to dig around my storage locker and pull out my wee little fake tree that I’ve had since first year university. Over the years I’ve collected a number of ornaments and decorations for my little 3ft tree, but I decided I wanted a pretty simple tree and the ornaments I have from years past and anything but simple.

While I knew that I wanted my tree to be simpler this year, I had no idea what I was going to do until I was wandering the aisles of my local Dollarama. There in the craft aisle were little packets of colourful pompoms for a dollar each, and I knew what I was going to do. I bought every colour they had except the brown, because I’ve never known brown to be a festive colour, and brought them home.
colourful bags of pompoms
I debated what to do with the pompoms – even going so far as to lay them out in ombre graduated colour manner, but in the end I decided to just pile them all in a bowl and go completely random. I used clear plastic beading thread to string the pompoms as I had it on hand, but I regular thread should work just as well. This process is a little long, but I did my stringing while watching some TV.
colourful pompom garland
With the string of pompoms done I turned my attention to what else I should put on my tree. With the colour of the pompoms I decided I should go for something else completely colourless. I debated about making up some salt clay, but when I was in my favourite art supply store I found air-dry clay for $4. I picked up a small snowflake at a local kitchen store for $1.50, and once the dough was rolled out used the cutter to make little snowflakes.
making snowflake ornaments with air-dry clay
I used a toothpick to add little holes at the top of one of the snowflakes arms for string, and then let them air-dry for two days. Once they were dry I used some of the same string I used last year to make my hanging mirrors to add hanging loops.
handmade snowflake ornaments
Once my decorations were ready it was time to decorate. I decided that the corner of my living room was the best place for my tree, but I unfortunately don’t have a table there, and the thought of putting my diminutive tree on the ground made me sad. Being the resourceful girl I am, I pulled one of my bedside tables for it to sit on (We’ll just ignore the fact that for the next little while one bedside lamp is now sitting on the ground beside my bed).
My little tree ready for decorations
Once the tree was up (which was really hard – I had to attach the three legs), I first strung the mirror ornaments I made last year.
tree with mirror ornaments
Next up was my new pompom garland.
pompom garland on a Christmas tree
And finally my new clay snowflakes. I made 15 snowflakes, but there are only 14 on the tree because I had a clumsy moment. Sigh.
homemade snowflake ornaments added
Once I had my tree decorated it was time for a couple of finishing touches. I don’t have a tree skirt so I used a flat white sheet and draped it around the bottom of the tree, and I did pull out two decorations from my collection. I’ve had this Lego Santa for a while, so I felt he deserved to be on display.
vintage Lego Santa below a Christmas tree
I also put out my little nativity scene. I love their faces, and the cow and donkey are adorable.
my cute nativity scene
Here's my tree all decorated.
close up of a snowflake ornament in a tree

close up of a snowflake ornament in a tree

My tree all decorated for Christmas
So there you have it. What do you think? Too simple? Are the pompoms a little childish? Did you decorate a tree this year? Are you like me and you like your tree to look like a tree with a few ornaments, or do you prefer your tree to be completely covered with ornaments?

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  1. I think your tree is very pretty and who says we have to have fancy decorations! Good job and Merry Christmas!

  2. I love the pom poms! I kinda want to make them myself.

  3. I love it! So fun and cheerful! Great idea to use poms poms!

  4. Oh my, your tree is so adorable! I love the pompon garland.

    Wishing you Happy Holidays!


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