I'm a Failure

December 29, 2012

thanks for not laughing - Resolutions via Someecards
How’s that for a blog post title? Yup, it’s pretty depressing, but so am I when I look back on my list resolutions for 2012 and realise that I didn’t get much accomplished on that list over the entirely of the year. Boo me.
Here’s my not-very-crossed-off-list (the original post is here)

Stuff to finish
  1. Repair (or have repaired) the ceiling in the dining room. (I got a quote on getting the work done – but that was it)
  2. Paint the walls in the dining room
  3. Spruce up the kitchen (all I did was add new cabinet hardware – I had so many other plans)
  4. Get some additional storage for the dining room
  5. Come up with a better furniture layout for the living room
  6. Finish my dresser project (Yay! Something I completed! You can see my dresser project here)
  7. Paint the living room a colour other than white.
  8. Get actual window coverings for the bedroom, living room and dining room
  9. Get or make some art for the walls
  10. Actually hang the art on the walls!
  11. Get a rug for the foyer that can fit under the door when it opens.
  12. Get bedside tables that are not two different sizes.
  13. Get a prettier TV console (Did this too! Here it is)
  14. Add some more storage to living room
  15. Purge my bookcase
  16. Paint my bedroom
  17. Get a rug for my bedroom.
  18. Refinish those chairsI bought last spring . . .
  19. Install my dining room light
  20. Remove doors into dining room and living room.
  21. Get more lighting for the living room
I'm also going to share some goals I'd like to reach when it comes to this blog:
  1. Consider a move from wordpress.com to wordpress.org I did this last January
  2. Learn to take better photographs (Sort-of – I got a new camera so my pictures improved by default)
  3. Increase average posts a week from 1 to 2.
  4. Reach 100,000 views (Currently at 22,000) This happened a few weeks ago and I didn’t notice.
Okay, maybe I'll toss in some personal ones too.
  1. Start taking my lunch to work EVERY DAY (okay, 4 out of 5 days)
  2. Get back into running, and do at least one 10K race in 2012 (I did run an 8K – so this is about 80% complete)
  3. Buy myself flowers every so often 'just-because' This I did this in few months, so I'm calling this one done!
So there you have it – proof that I’m a complete failure when it comes to resolutions. Now the big debate – do I make a resolution list for 2013, or do I just give up now?

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  1. Wow. That is some list. I wouldn't even DARE do that ... basically every room needs painting except a few! ha ha Best wishes, Linda


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