The One of A Kind Show - Christmas Edition

November 23, 2012

You may recall in the spring I went to the One of A Kind Show here in Toronto. Well, last night I had the chance to go again on the opening night of the Christmas Edition and discovered that as good as the spring show was, the Christmas show is even better – it’s bigger so there are more marvellous things to be seen.

This time round I knew what I was getting into so was more prepared – I wore runners and jeans instead of my work clothes and shoes. If you go dress comfortably – you’ll be there for a while, and there are about 800 artists showing their work so there is a lot of walking to be done. Coat check is only $2, so make use of that as well – there’s no point in carrying your coat around with you. Seeing the show will take several hours, but they do have a free re-admission pass if you want to split your visit up into two shorter visits.

Quite a number of the artists I featured after the spring show were there again (you can see those posts here and here) and as much as I still love their work I tried to feature new ones below (with one exception).
ReStyle studio at OOAK
Some of the marvelous pieces available from Re:Style
Re: Style Studio (Booth Z-19) is run by Andrea Ford. She creates one-of-a-kind furniture pieces with vibrant fabric and colours that are stunning – the picture above doesn’t do the pieces justice.. She also runs reupholstery workshops out of her studio. I’m plotting to attend one in the new year.
Moonrox jewelry at OOAK
Tools necklaces from MoonRox Jewelry
MoonRox Jewellery (Booth Y-20) is a line of great jewellery created by Monique Chan. I loved the little tool necklaces shown above. They are $45 each, and perfect for your favourite DIY-er
James Kennedy Steel Artwork at OOAK
James Kennedy 'Continents' steel art
James Kennedy (Booth Y-44) is an artist from Montreal who works with steel, and he is showcasing his ‘Continents’ series at the show. My photo doesn’t do his pieces any justice – they are simply stunning in person. The variation in the colours in the steel makes you forget it's made from cold metal. His 12”x12” pieces are $325, and the large 48’x42”(not shown) are $3400.
Pook Tuques at OOAK
The guys from Pook Tuques
Pook Tuques (Booth U-10) The guys above run Pook Tuques and their booth is worth a visit simply to have them demonstrate the many ways their Pook Tuque can be worn. It’s hilarious (there's a 'Donald' comb-over). You can take a look at the many way the hat can be worn on their website.
Felt Factory at OOAK
The lovely animal creations from the Felt Factory. Which one would you pick?
Felt Factory (Booth R-19) is run by Sabine Alpers, and will be at the show just until November 26th, so if you like her felted animal heads you’ll have to go this weekend. If you follow me on Instagram you know I spotted one of her Unicorns last weekend in a store in Picton and fell in love. After seeing her animals at the show I’m now torn between the Unicorn and the Bison (which isn't shown), but they’re all amazing. The animals range in price from $60-$90.
Tammy Shane artist at OOAK
'There is Softness' by Tammy Shane
Tammy Shane (Booth Q-24) is an artist who will also only be at the show until November 26th. All her paintings are stunning, but the larger pieces are especially lovely. The piece above, entitled ‘There is a Softness’, is 48”x48” and really caught my attention($2820). Tammy Shane on Facebook
Sarah Hillock artist at OOAK
Hen painting on Mylar by Sarah Hillock
Sarah Hillock (Booth K-12) is an artist whose booth features large quite realistic oil paintings of cows and other animals. Looking at her work you can’t help but smile – they are marvelous and fun, and quirky in a really great way.
Sweet Truth booth at OOAK
The Sweet Truth Candy Company
The Sweet Truth Gourmet Candy Company (Booth G-36) is run by Diane McMillan after she learned to learned to make candy from her grandmother, and her candies are divine. With 7 flavours including Almond Butter Toffee, Sweet Lemon Butter Toffee and Cappuccino Chocolate Toffee and Pecans your taste buds will thank you if you stop by for a taste. The small tins are $8.95 and the large $14.50.

The Christmas One of a Kind show runs through December 2nd at the Direct Energy Center, Exhibition place. Tickets are $14 for adults (or $12 in you purchase them online)

*Disclosure: I was provided a ticket to the show free of charge, however all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Omg thank you for this post! Now I am ever MORE excited to go!!! I am totally eying (is that spelled right?) those felt animals. You might have some competition

  2. Ooh great finds!! I don't know if I'm going to make it this year, but I'm trying! LOVE the animal heads! I'm kind of loving that hen painting too...normally not a farm animal lover but I love the way she paints!

  3. Great post! I'm headed to the One of A Kind Show next week and am really looking forward to it!

  4. It looks so bright, beautiful and festive! Would love to go there...

  5. If you are doing a course at Restyle in the new year and are planning to do the 2-day bring your own piece you should do the Jan 13-14 that I am teaching! Would be fun to have a familiar face there!

  6. Great picks! I love the OOAK - I usually fall in love with about 100 things. Good point about the comfy shoes. And silly me has been dragging around my heavy coat for years - will DEFINITELY do the coat check next time!

  7. Sound like an excellent plan! I must find the perfect chair first though . . . Craigslist here I come!

  8. Yup - it leaves your hands free to buy more stuff :)

  9. Great post!! I have NEVER gone - this is always something else going on for me to make the trek to Toronto. I am hoping maybe next time I can go, but I loved this little taste of what I missed. Great post!


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