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October 11, 2012

For my birthday in March of this year, my wonderful aunt and uncle J+ M sent me a little something in the mail so I might get myself something I really wanted. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted – do I buy clothes, or shoes, or a cute piece of jewellery that in all honesty I’ll hardly ever wear ‘cause I never remember to put jewellery on in the morning? (Think I’m exaggerating? – If you looked at any picture of me I’m most likely wearing the same three pieces of jewellery – a watch, pearl stud earrings, and my right-hand ring. It very rarely changes). In the end I settled on something a little more pedestrian, but hopefully long-lasting. I bought myself this:
New Singer Sewing machine
That’s right – a sewing machine. I’ve wanted one for quite a while. In ancient times when I lived in Ottawa I had custody of my mom’s sewing machine, and I made a few things – some tablecloths, two duvet covers with matching pillow cases, and a lovely roman shade. Years passed, and I moved back to Toronto, and then my parents sold my childhood home(sob!) and moved out west, and my mom took her sewing machine with her.

Since then I rarely thought of sewing, that is until I started reading blogs, and seeing all the lovely things people were whipping up in no time with the help of a sewing machine. Be it table cloths, napkins or curtains, the blogosphere is full of wonderful projects, and I want in on the fun (provided of course that the fun only requires stitching a straight line). Okay – I’ll be honest – I dream of one day actually sewing some window coverings which are sadly lacking in my little abode.

Anyways, I bought my little machine, and then it sat unopened in a corner while I tried to come up with a good first project. Preferably an easy one that wouldn’t take too much time, and only required the sewing of straight lines – it’s been a long time since I used a machine at all, and even longer since my last lessons on how to sew in grade 8 home economics.

Enter a closing Fabricland store having a 50% off sale. In all honesty I went in hopes of finding some fabric to make some curtains for my living room or bedroom, but as usually happens I didn’t find anything that screamed ‘make me into curtains’. I did however find some  lovely tea towel fabric which practically jumped up and ran into my arms.

The beauty of buying tea towel fabric is it’s already hemmed on the sides, which means I only had to do two seams on each towel – perfect for a first project, and also a sewer who is LAZY! They had 4 colours, but the red one had some issues with the dye being all over the fabric instead of in the smart stripes down the sides, so I just bought the green, blue and yellow. 
Tea towels with green, blue, and yellow stripes

tea towels hanging on an oven
I won’t bore you with a step by step how to – suffice it to say I folded over the ends twice, pinned, and then made a valiant attempt at sewing a straight line. I was somewhat successful. As I had bought enough to make 2 towels in each colour, I did that 12 times, and voilà – the finished product. 
my improvised pincushion
Now that I’ve got my first project under my belt I have to start looking for some more. In the meantime I’ll also have to consider getting an actual pincushion, because while my solution worked, it’s not the most efficient as I’ll eventually need to wear those socks. Hey – maybe I can sew one! Anyone have any good pincushion projects they’d care to share?

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  1. Thanks for sharing!! that is a great idea!

    here is a non-sew pincushion idea....take a mason jar and on top of the lid put a piece of steel wool and then cover with a cute piece of fabric and screw on the ring...ta da....and then you can put your sewing notions inside the jar...

    Sew on that note, enjoy your day!

    Melissa from WA

  2. Easy is always good! Gotta love the satisfaction of getting something done. :)

    I just bought a new sewing machine myself and I'll admit that I was definitely intimidated for a few weeks before pulling it out of the box, you're not alone in that.

  3. I am highly amused that you used a sock as a pincushion.

    I bought a sweet little pumpkin pincushion from a seller on Etsy and I leeerrrrrve it.

  4. I use a mason jar as a pin cushion...put a piece of steel wool on lid and cover with a piece of material on top of that and use the ring to close...and also you can use the jar as a storage for your pins, thread, etc. :)
    enjoy your machine!

  5. Hmm - that's an interesting Idea!

  6. I'm so glad to hear that! I'll have to come up with a second project now!


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