Thrift Store Finds - Birds, Books, and a Dragon

September 14, 2012

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, on Saturday I did a little shopping at some thrift stores north of the city that I've never been to. I don't know if the people who live up there have better stuff than those of us who reside in Toronto and therefore have better stuff to donate, but I had more luck thrifting there than I've ever had in Toronto (although to be honest I did go to 4 stores).

First up were these two-armed candle holders. I picked these up almost as soon as I walked in the store. I'd seen similar style candle holders earlier this summer while at some antique markets and always admired them.  While I did pick these up soon after entering the store, they very nearly didn't come home with me. They were $7.07 each, and I hemmed and hawed over the cost given I didn't like them quite as much as the antique store version. I then recalled that the antique store was selling their set for $125, so I figured I'd get this set, and save the $110 for something else.
two-armed glass candleabra
I bought a pair of these glass candelabras. A magic eraser cleans dull thrifted glass really well.
I have a little thing for brass animals. I'm by no means a dedicated collector given I only have one animal (this cute owl I found while thrifting almost a year ago), but I always keep an eye out for them - I even spotted some at Aberfoyleearlier this summer. I found this lovely set for $15 and I love them.
brass birds on a branch
I've decided to name my new birds Cliff and Claire.
Way back in the dark ages I had a collection of Nancy Drew books that had been my aunts. When I got to a very mature 12 my parents had a garage sale, and to my lasting regret I decided I was too old for 'kids books' and sold them. I've been looking to replace them, but so far haven't had any luck. A few months ago I picked up a few Hardy Boys books which are similar to the the ones my dad had as a boy. While they aren't Nancy Drew I like the look of them. This weekend I picked up 5 more books for $12.
Hardy boys books between bookends
My collection of vintage Hardy Boys books. I think it's now big enough.
Last but not least I found a lovely little hand carved wooden dragon. He has no purpose, and the tips of his ears are missing, but for some reason dragons make me happy and given he was priced at just $1 I couldn't pass him up.
carved wood dragon
I've decided to keep him by my bed.
What do you think? Would you have picked up any of the same items I did? Have you had any luck at thrift stores recently? Is there anything you always look for when you go thrifting?

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  1. What a cute selection of things! LOVE the candleholders - can't go wrong at that price. I always find way better deals out of the city - maybe because there's less competition. Looks like it was a fun outing!

  2. What great finds!! I especially love the book ends and Hardy Boys collection. I also rue the day that I sold my Nancy Drew books in a garage sale. (My one 'purging is good' mistake, such is life). So far I've collected about a dozen of the yellow spined Nancy Drews ... they're still kicking around used books stores here and there. One store I visited a while back in the Junction had a bunch, if you're interested.

    But speaking of stores with no names, what are the places you visited in the north part of town?

  3. Yeah, where did you go thrifting north of the city? I'm always on the hunt for new brass animals! :)

  4. Hi Paula,

    I've seen the Nancy Drew books at Antique stores, but they're usually $7 or $8 each - I prefer the $3 I paid;) Maybe one day I'll get lucky and find some Nancy Drew books when thrifting ;)

    I was up in Newmarket, so I went thrifting there.

  5. It was up in Newmarket. It was only the second time I've found a brass animal at a thrift store, so I was rather excited when I saw them.

  6. The glass candle holder is gorgeous. My mom gave away her Nancy Drew books after I read them. My daughter is really bummed about that.


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