Rooms to Match My Mood: Dark and Brooding

August 14, 2012

I was feeling a little 'off' yesterday, so I amused myself looking at pretty pictures on the interweb:) I can get lost for hours clicking away at pretty pictures - this is probably not the best thing to do too often (especially when I have piles of projects to start/work on/complete) but every so often it's nice to escape. 

The pictures that were taking my fancy last evening seemed to match my off mood - a little dark and brooding, but I think each is beautiful in its own way. If I had to choose a favorite from the images below I think it would be the last one - it's stunning. What do you think - which do you like best?
Dark Green Living room by Todd Yoggy
Dark Green Living room by Todd Yoggy
Dark Grey Living room by O'Connor and Houle Architecture
Dark Grey Living room by O'Connor and Houle Architecture

Dark and Moody Living Room. Source: House Beautiful, July 2009
Dark and Moody Living Room. Source: House Beautiful, July 2009

Dark Living room with Green velvet Couch Source: Redonline
Dark Living room with Green velvet Couch Source: Redonline

Grey Office via Elle Decor
Grey Office via Elle Decor
Botanical no. 5510 by Kari Herer Photography via Etsy
Botanical no. 5510 by Kari Herer Photography via Etsy
PS - I made a very concerted effort to find what I believe to be the original sources of these images and link properly to them. Please let me now if I am mistaken.

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  1. I've been in the same kind of mood so i love these....especially the flowers. Love the first room too though....can picture sitting there with tea reading a great book.

  2. We all deserve a day every so often to just be 'off'. Don't feel too bad about it!

    I love that velvet sofa. So gorgeous! And that last photograph is absolutely amazing.


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