Help! What should I do?

August 30, 2012

Remember my post late last year about finally having a dining room I could use where I told you about my dream chairs? You know, those Eames moulded DSW fiberglass chairs that are oh so pretty? Well, when walking home after work this evening I spotted the replica version for sale at Kitchen Stuff Plus for just $60 each. Yes, they're made of plastic, but they're ONLY $60!
Eames style DSW chair with white seat
The replica Eames style DSW chairs now available at Kitchen Stuff Plus
Now I have to decide what to do – should I try to sell the black Windsor style chairs I worked so hard on and buy the replica of my dream chair instead? Before I even owned my condo I dreamed about having these chairs around my dining room table (I discovered them while eating in Marks & Spencer's on Grafton street in Dublin with my aunt and grandmother a few years ago), but I spent A LOT OF TIME working on those black chairs.
Windsor style dining chair before and after
My refinished dining chairs
If I do try to sell my black chairs, how do I figure out what I could reasonably get for them on Craigslist? Help please – I don’t know what to do.

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  1. I just jumped over from MMS, and I say you should get those gorgeous Eames chair copies. They're so gorgeous. I don't know how much time or money you put into your chairs, but I would guess that you could get about $35 per chair, maybe $40 if you're willing to hold out for the right buyer. (This depends on where you live too of course, I'm familiar with big city prices like San Diego and DC).

  2. Sell the chairs and buy your dream chairs! Never get too attached to "stuff" that you don't go after your dreams! They are not my particular style, but even I think they are GORGEOUS!


  3. I like the black chairs. I'm not a fan of plastic. The black ones look nice and warm and natural.

  4. Keep the black spindle back chairs!!! I'm dying to find the exact ones so I can paint them black. Sadly I live in Australia or I would gladly take them off your hands. :) They are so much more farmhouse style. Good luck with your decision. x J

  5. Ooh... tough one. The replica Eames chair is gorgeous! Now you have me thinking about my home office - it would probably make a pretty good desk chair.

    But, your Windsor style chairs are awesome too, especially since you did put all that work into remaking them! How long have you had them now? Is it long enough that you're bored of them? If so, might be time to go ahead and get new ones, despite all the work you put into them. Perhaps you could repurpose one or two of them to other rooms and sell the rest?

  6. I wish I could do that, but I only have 5 rooms, and two are the kitchen and the bathroom - oh the joy of condo living! If I go with the Eames-ish chairs I have to get rid of the black ones.


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