Happy Diamond Jubilee Liz!

June 02, 2012

There are a few obvious things that make Canada different than her neighbour to the south:
  • Hockey (we both play it, but we're better at it)
  • Poutine (arguably our National dish, and oh-so yummy)
  • Publicly funded health care
  • The metric system
  • We have The Queen on all our money
59 years ago today, Queen Elizabeth, The Queen of England and the Commonwealth (Of which Canada is part) was crowned.  The Diamond Jubilee year started on February 6th, the 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne, and will continue through 2012.

If I was in England right now I'd be gearing up for a 4 day long weekend of celebrations, but since I'm in Toronto, just over 5700 kilometers away, I put together a few Jubilee inspired tea towels that I think are more than a little cute to commemorate this rather momentous anniversary (Queen Victoria is the only other Monarch to reach this milestone).

Why tea towels? Well, there isn't really anything more British than tea, and If you read my post from the One of a Kind show earlier this spring, you may have noticed I have a little thing for tea towels.
Diamond Jubilee tea towels
  1. Corgi Jubilee Tea Towel - Thornback & Peel - £11.95
  2. I'm so Excited I could Wee - House of Holland - £25.00
  3. Portrait Tea Towel - Gemma Milly Illustration - £10.00
  4. Silhouette Tea Towel - Peter & Fiona Gander - £7.50
  5. I Love Liz Jubilee Tea Towel - Culture Label - £15.00
  6. Corgi Diamond Jubilee Tea Towel - Rockett St. George - £10.00
  7. Large Crown Jubilee Tea Towel - Transport of London - £8.50
  8. Singing in the Reign - Hunkydory Home - £15.00
  9. Crown Jubilee Tea Towel - Thornback & Peel - £11.95
  10. Jubilee Tea Towel - Susan Taylor - $16.00US
While I like all of them, if I HAD to pick just one it would be a difficult choice between #2 and #9. Two is irreverent and funny, and number 9 is classically understated, and I can't decide which I like better.

Which one would you choose?

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  1. Ha ha...before I got to the end of your post, I actually said out loud, "I HAVE to get #2!". These are great....esp #2 ;)
    Your list of differences btwn us and our southern neighboUrs (lol) made me laugh too.

  2. These tea towels are fit for a queen! # 8 & 9 are my favourites. Love them!

  3. I love #5. These are adorable.

  4. what i really love is those fascinators they all wear. fell in love with them at the royal wedding. just so darn cute! along with these great tea towels, i think we should adopt the fascinator thing.

  5. Yes we should. Perhaps we should suggest it as required wear for the next BlogPodium? ;)

  6. Oh, I especially love #4, but the ones with the dogs and the ones with puns are particularly nice too.


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