The Four Seasons Toronto - An Auction

May 30, 2012

For those of us who live in Toronto and to many who have visited this city, the Four Seasons Hotel in Yorkville was for many years synonymous with luxury. Opened 35 years ago it has played host to many events and celebrities over the years.

The hotel closed in March of this year as the Four Seasons plans to open its new hotel and private residences just around the corner in the fall. The new owners of the old Four Seasons building at 21 Avenue Rd will be converting the 380 hotel rooms and suites into 490 condo units, but not before they sell off everything in the building. And I mean everything. The furniture, the crystal chandeliers, art, marble bathrooms, dinnerware, industrial kitchen equipment, and even the bed linens, drapes, carpets and a 20 foot onyx marble bar will all be sold by auction. There are more than 15,000 items up for sale.

Four Season's Toronto - art

Four Season's Toronto - piano

Four Season's Toronto crystal chandelier

four Season's Toronto dresser
Four Season's Toronto pay phone bank
Any interest in a pay-phone bank?
Four Season's Toronto gold sconce

Four Season's Toronto kitchen items

Four Season's Toronto TV console
Four Season's Toronto lamp and bedside table
I rather liked these lamps
Four Season's Toronto bathroom stall doors
You too can own a bathroom stall door from the Four Season's
Four Season's Toronto Living room
Even the plant is up for auction
Four Season's Toronto TV console with Greek key motif

Four Season's Toronto Dining room

Four Season's Toronto bedroom

Four Season's Toronto marble bathroom

Four Season's Toronto champagne buckets
Have something to celebrate?? You'll need a champagne bucket
Four Season's Toronto bathroom sconce

Four Season's Toronto bamboo motif TV console

Four Season's Toronto 20ft Onyx bar
Everyone needs a 20-ft. onyx bar right?
The auction will take place on Thursday May 31st, Friday June 1st, and Saturday the 2nd. I went yesterday to take a look at some of the items up for sale.

There is another preview today (May 30th) from 9 until 4pm. I'd love to attend the auction of Friday when they're selling all the furniture, if only to see what some of the items go for. Would you buy any of the items above? Any plans on attending the auction?

For more information about the auction click here.

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  1. As I scrolled down your post I was re-arranging my schedule this week in my head. I'm loving so much of what's up for grabs. I may need to take a visit.

  2. Seriously?!? I need a dresser/sideboard like any one of the 4 you posted! Considering they likely have somewhere around 380 of them, one would think I could snag one, right? Too bad the furniture is going on Thursday/Friday... there's no way I'd be able to get there. Why do they have these things in the middle of the week? I may have to pop by and see what remains on Saturday though!

    I must raise an eyebrow at the number of condo units they're planning on getting out of the 380 rooms. Oh, Toronto condos with your tiny square footage...

  3. I love how in some of those photos it just looks like a kid went around sticking post-it notes randomly!

    I like that lamp in the fourth picture (with a different shade). I want to go just to see how it works and what people bid, but the timing is not great.

  4. Hi Jeanette,
    I'm sure they're taking absentee bids - give them a call - what's the worst that can happen?

  5. I know - why couldn't thay have done the boring stuff like the commercial kitchen things on Friday, and the stuff we want on Saturday instead?

  6. Ha! I did that yesterday so I could take a snoop around :)

  7. A couple of those consoles are calling my name all the way from Seattle! Wish I was there to scoop up some loot. :-)


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