The One of A Kind Show - Spring 2012 - Part 1

March 30, 2012

This week I had the opportunity to explore the One of a Kind Show here in Toronto which is running through Sunday, April 1st at Exhibition Place. The One of a Kind Show is held twice a year - once in the spring, and once before Christmas. I've only ever been to the show once, and it was a few years ago, so this was something a little bit new for me and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I really enjoyed my time exploring (so much so I went back on a second day), and I can see why it a spring tradition for many people in the Greater Toronto Area to attend the show.
One of a Kind show Toronto
One of a Kind Show - Spring 2012
If you don't have the opportunity to attend I've rounded up a few of my favorites from the show to share with you. Most of the artists have websites, so I'll include them to you can take a look at more of their work. If you're heading to the show this weekend I hope you'll take a peek at the below to help you plan which of the many booths to explore (I've included the booth numbers).


OOAK - Kerry Walford
One of a Kind Show - Kerry Walford
Kerry Walford (Booth P-27) is an artist specializing in oil painting. The cute little 'Bird with red Scarf' above are $120 and I was rather tempted by them. She has prints and note cards available with her work as well if an oil original is outside your budget.

OOAK - Pebble art of Nova Scotia
One of Kind Show - Pebble Art of Nova Scotia
Pebble Art of Nova Scotia (Booth L-31) is created by Sharon Nowlan. All of the pebbles are collected on the beaches near her home. The picture above, entitled 'Spring' is $119 (my apologies for the photo which doesn't do her work justice)  Pebble Art on Etsy

OOAK - Mara Minuzzo
One of a Kind Show - Mara Minuzzo
Mara Minuzzo (Booth I-36) is an artist whose work I've seen before (most recently at The Artist Project). Her art blocks of Play Mobile figurines never fail to make me smile. ($35). Her art blocks of mid-century furniture items are great, and her paintings of people and scenery are wonderful . Blue Trike on Etsy


OOAK - Moonrox
One of a Kind Show - Moonrox
MoonRox (Booth Q-32) is jewelry and accessories made by Monique Chan. I love the colours and the combination of the metal and cord. The lovely entwined bracelets above are $65.  Moonrox on Etsy

OOAK - She Smiled and Ran
One of a Kind Show - She Smiled and Ran
She Smiled and Ran (Booth N-44) is a contemporary jewelry line created by Annie Tung. The Wave ring ($320) above fits over two fingers, and made me wish my birthday hadn't just passed.


OOAK - Nicole Tarasick
One of a Kind Show - Nicole Tarasick
Nicole Tarasick (Booth G-35) creates handmade screen printed items. The Canadian airport codes were what first drew my attention to her booth, and I love that what she had displayed all had a distinct Canadian angle. Small pillow: $65, Large: $95 (both with feather fill)  Nicole Tarasick on Etsy

OOAK - Bookhou
One of a Kind Show - Bookhou
Bookhou (Booth K-09) had a number of different products featured, but it was their textiles that drew my eye. I love these tea towels ($16) and the  Moose onesie ($25) made me smile. Bookhou on Etsy

OOAK - Jenna Rose
One of a Kind Show - Jenna Rose
Jenna Rose (Booth I-16) is a textile studio where all the designs are initially hand drawn by Jenna Fenwick before being screen printed using water-based pigments. I honestly couldn't tell you which of Jenna's designs I liked the best - they're all gorgeous. Blankets $98, Tea towels $15, Pillows $60.  Jenna Rose on Etsy

OOAK - Avril Loreti
One of a Kind Show - Avril Loreti
Avril Loreti (Booth L-05) is a textile designer whose use of vibrant colour and pattern is amazing. The tea towels above are $25 and I can't decide which of them I like best (I keep changing my mind).  Avril Loreti on Etsy

I'm going to give your scrolling finger a rest and end this post here. I'll post some more favorites later, but in the meantime, if you're heading to the One of a Kind show this weekend make sure you visit the booths of the artist above, or take a peak at their websites.

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