Moving Furniture Without Lifting a Finger

March 07, 2012

When I first moved into my apartment I didn't have a single piece of living room furniture other than my desk, and the media console I inherited from the previous owner. I'm coming up on my two-year anniversary and I've managed to accumulate a bit more furniture since move-in day, but it's all been placed in the room in a rather unimaginative way - up against the walls. I've tried to imagine different room layouts, but the idea of moving all my big furniture around only to realise what worked in my head doesn't in reality has stopped me from testing my out my wonder woman powers.

While trolling the internet one day looking for some more lighting for my living room I spotted something intriguing on the Urban Barn website. It's an application called 'The Make room' planner and it allows you to try different configurations until you find the best layout for your space - all with barely lifting a finger! The application, which is online, allows you to create your own layout, and then add all you furniture and lighting elements. The  application comes pre-loaded with all of Urban Barn's products, but because most homeowners buy from various sources you can add custom sized elements to represent furniture you already own. I don't own any furniture from Urban Barn so I measured and created all my furniture on the program. Once you've got all your items gathered you can move them around and save different layouts for viewing again later.

I played around with it for a while, and I came up with some layouts that could work, but I need some help deciding which I should risk straining a muscle to recreate in my living room, and I'm hoping you might help (BTW - Urban Barn has no idea I'm writing this post. I found the tool and though it was neat so I'm sharing it).

Here are the furnishings I'm dreaming of moving around:
My new coffee table in place

My new Louis XV Style chairs

This is my current furniture layout:
My current living room layout
As you can see, it's not very imaginatively laid out. And it's a bit of a lie - those chairs are usually sitting up against a wall as I still haven't managed to refinish them. Also my desk isn't that clean - it's currently covered in piles of papers. I don't watch a huge amount of TV, but when I do the sofa isn't oriented in the best way to do so.

Here are the layouts I created online. They are in no particular order.
Livingroom layout option 1
Layout 1. The table and lamp behind the sofa would have to purchased
Livingroom layout option 2
Layout 2

Livingroom layout option 3
Layout 3
Livingroom layout option 4
Layout 4. The table and lamp behind the sofa would have to be purchased

Livingroom layout option 5
Layout 5
Livingroom layout option 6
Layout 6. The table and lamp behind the sofa would have to be purchased
What do you think? Would any of the options above work better than my current furniture placement? Are there any I haven't thought of?

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  1. Hey Michelle!

    I really like option 1 (with option 6 as my second fav).

    I feel like this would make the most sense for your space (without having seen it IRL) because it feels like it offers the best traffic flow and is the most welcoming when coming from the foyer.

    Options number 3, 4 and 5 appear cramped to me. I think 1 or 6 are better for traffic flow.

    My two cents!

    I'm going to give this floor plan website a shot. It might help me figure out my living room situation.

    Happy furniture moving!
    Michelle from

  2. I think I like the first layout the best as well (And it's the one I've been plotting in my head the longest). It's was nice to see though that it might actually work!

    Have fun playing with the website - it's rather fun!


  3. I really like option 2 with option 6 as a close second. I like how everything is sectioned off. You have two very defined spaces and the couch helps to define a walk way and break between your work area and the social area.


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