Almost Free Bird

March 19, 2012

Sometime last year I was browsing one of my favorite blogs -'The Art of Doing Stuff', when I came across a post where Karen took an inexpensive dollar store ceramic bird and transformed it with a quick spray of paint. I decided right then an there that I was going to do the same if I was ever so lucky to come across a ceramic dollar store bird of my own. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right?

It took a while, but eventually my local Dollarama had some birds I could try my hand at spraypainting. They had three styles, and when I first saw them I have to admit that I didn't even remember my plan to
copyemulate Karen's idea. By the time my brain kicked in, all my local Dollaramas were completely sold out of birds, and I had to Google the store to find some locations in the far reaches of suburbia. Okay - it wasn't that bad - I just had to travel about 30 minutes by bus. That store had one version of the bird left so I scooped him up, and brought him home where he resided wrapped in tissue paper for months. (I need to work on my idea/plan execution - this isn't the only project that's languished as I twiddled my thumbs - but that's a different blog post).
Dollarstore Bird - Before
Dollarstore bird - Before
Anyways, after my successful first two forays (one, two) into the magical world of spray paint I decided to unearth the bird for his transformation.

Three coats of spray paint later, and a little white felt on the bottom and he's been transformed.
Dollarstore bird after
Dollarstore bird - After
What do you think? As I already had the white spray paint and felt from my bookend project, this little bird project cost a whopping $2.26 (Incl. taxes). Pretty good right? My bird wasn't as cheap (cheep - Ha!) as Karen's, but I blame that entirely on Dollarama switching from the everything for $1 pricing model, to a few things for a $1, and most at $2.

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  1. I LOVE that bird now. My mind doesn't go straight to spray paint when I see ceramic animals at the dollar store, but I hope it does now! I could use some pretty little birds on bookcases.

  2. I did the same thing with some thrift store birds! The glossy white looks great. :)

  3. Birdy came out clean and in a totally different look. Who would have thought it didn't cost as much as it's new look? Great job! :)


  4. Love how your little bird turned out! Looks much more chic and expensive than $1! I did the same thing with a dollar store bird only I painted mine pink for my daughter's room. You can check it out here:

  5. i like the before, it's to white for me and i love the color green.


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