IDS12: Part 3 - Studio North

February 02, 2012

Studio North, the 'show within a show', was held at the Interior Design Show for the 10th year. The premise behind the show is to introduce the public to great Canadian design talent. I was incredibly impressed with the range of items these talented designers showcased - below is just a sampling of what I saw.

Jeremy Kehoe

Jeremy Kehoe is a furniture designer and woodworker from Toronto who uses as much sustainable and domestic woods as he can. 
IDS2012 - Jeremy Kehoe
I loved this table

Nomo Creations

This Orbit table from Nomo Creations received quite a bit of press during the show. The father and son team us materials that can be separated for recycling, and their products are designed to be able to shrink so they can be shipped in smaller packages.
IDS2012 - Nomo Creations
Orbit Table - Nomo Creations

Brothers Dressler

Twin brothers Jason and Lars Dressler are woodworkers from Toronto. Most of the wood seen in the dining room below was created using the wood from one tree that died in 2010.
IDS2012 - Brothers Dressler
The table and light were made from one tree

Tyler MacKenzie + Bettie Cott

I love the lines of Tyler MacKenzie's Radius Lounge chair, and Bettie Cott's Peaks and Valleys coatrack is whimsical and practical - I can easily imagine it in a child's room.
IDS2012 - Tyler MacKenzie and Bettie Cott
Radius Lounge Chair and Peaks and Valleys Coatrack

Kino Guérin

Kino Guérin's pieces are made from bent wood, and are stunning in person.
IDS2012 - Kino Guerin Knot bench
Knot Bench

IDS2012 - Kino Guerin Slate Blackboard
Recycled Slate Blackboard
That's the last of my pictures from IDS12 - I hope I managed to show you some of the great things there were to see at the show, and maybe encouraged you to make a visit to the show next year - I know I'll be going - I can't wait to see what is new then.

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