IDS12: Part 2

February 01, 2012

Alright, I'm back with some more pictures from the Interior Design Show. I've got a little more zip than yesterday so I'm going to add some words to my pictures!

First up we have one of the groupings put together in the By_Lissoni_Lounge. I'm sorry for the slightly wonky picture, but Lynda Reeves was sitting on one of the couches behind me interviewing someone and I was a little star struck (I did take a picture, but it's not very good - her eyes are closed), so as I'd like the publisher and founder of House&Home magazine to like me I'll keep it to myself).
IDS2012 - By_Lissoni Lounge at IDS12
By_Lissoni Lounge at IDS12
I came across the booth for a store in Toronto called Snobstuff. I loved pretty much everything the owner was showing. All the pieces come from Southern Africa - the owner hails from Zimbabwe, and a portion of each sale goes to the Canadian Red cross to combat malaria. This store is now at the top of my list of must visit stores - if only to see what other great things she has.
IDS2012 - Snobstuff
The light was made by asking 25 people to wrap a rod of brass around their waists - their names were then engraved on the inside of the ring. I love the wire giraffe.

This booth by UpCountry is lovely - I love the mix of warm worn leather and the industrial metal chests mixed with the crystal chandeliers, and of course the British flags.
IDS2012 - UpCountry
Love the wood wall and the warm brown leather. the Metal chests are very 'in' - Restoration Hardware has some as well.

Next up is Elte. They had a rather large booth, and unlike some others had prices listed on many items.
IDS2012 - Elte
Love the Eames lounge chair and industrial light fixture. I also like that they used an area rug on the wall like a tapestry.

This next image was something that confused me a bit. Do these wire baskets look to anyone else like the ones you get golf balls in at the driving range? They do to me, but these ones were $115 each.
IDS2012 - Elte Baskets
Elte - Are these driving range ball baskets??

This was something that Elte did that I loved, and I think is a neat twist on the now (in my opinion) rather overdone subway sign art - individually framed street signs.
IDS2012 - Elte Framed Street Signs
Elte - Framed Street Signs

Take a look at this incredibly interesting chair that was made completely out of Corian (yes, that stuff counter tops are made of). It was part of a collaboration between Dupont Corian and UUfie.
IDS2012 - UUfie - Corian chair
Uufie - chair made out of Corian

This 'Spider Phoebe' chair from Limitless with its bendable legs was rather popular. I wish I'd sat in it - it looks like it would be fun.
IDS2012 - Spider Chair
Spider 'Phoebe' chair

I loved this booth from Jean Gardner Designs - I'm pretty sure it was the curtains that did it.
IDS2012 - Jean Gardiner Designs
Love the curtains

This ottoman/coffee table made me want to rethink my current coffee table (from Gresham House furniture).
IDS2012 - Gresham House
Large Upholstered Ottoman with Tray - I love the muted colours

Last for today is the marvelous wall of peacock feathers that was used to back artwork in the How do you live? exhibit.
IDS2012 - How do you live - Peacock Feathers
Gorgeous Peacock feathers all over the wall, but I'm not sure anyone would ever recreate this.

I've got just more IDS12 post for you tomorrow - I'll show you some of the great Canadian designs from the Studio North exhibit.

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