Art Interiors: a Long Delayed Visit

December 05, 2011

I heard about Art Interiors years ago, and have always wanted to visit, but for whatever reason never managed to despite it not being too far from my house.
Art interiors - photo of inside the store
Last week I got their newsletter via email announcing that their 'Festival of Smalls' was happening again, so I committed to finally paying them a visit.

Art Interiors was started in 1993 by two women in Toronto as a place where people could buy original pieces of art at affordable prices (starting from about $35). A lot of the art they carry is that of young up-and-coming artists, but they carry the work of more established artists as well.
Stacks of art at Art Interiors
Once a year, in the month before Christmas, Art Interiors has what it calls its 'Festival of Smalls'. The pieces of art aren't any bigger than 16"x20" and are less than $250 each, so it might be a neat place to look for that perfect gift for that person on your list who already has everything.
Art at Art Interiors

Here are some of the pieces I admired:
Title: Living Room Chair by Erin Vincent
Title: Living Room Chair by Erin Vincent

This might be neat on a wall near a similar chair if you have one, or maybe close to a modern one for a little contrast. I've always thought these chairs look a little like thrones, so it might be amusing in another room in your home . . .

I spotted this one on the way out the door:
Title: I Lost Them All III by Lori Doody
Title: I Lost Them All III by Lori Doody (sorry for the blurry picture)
I think this one would be perfect in an entrance way or laundry room.

Their website has a quite extensive selection of available art, and you can purchase online, but there is more available at the bricks-and-mortar location. If there is an artist whose work they carry and you admire, they can also email you as new pieces arrive.

I spotted this on their website when I got home:
Title: Training by Elizabeth Lennie
Title: Training by Elizabeth Lennie
I think I like this piece because I spent so much of my childhood doing just this - laps in a pool. I've admired Elizabeth Lennie's work for a while, so it was neat to see her work on Art Interiors website.

Art Interiors is located at 446 Spadina Rd, Suite 206 in Toronto, ON. The Festival of Smalls is running until December 24th, 2011. Shipping can also be arranged for those who can't visit their Toronto location.

Please note: I did ask permission first before I took the pictures above (except the last). Please click on the pictures above to link to the artist page on the Art Interiors website.

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