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August 10, 2011

Early last summer I made a concerted effort to visit as many antique and used furniture stores as Toronto had to offer. At the time I wasn't looking anything specific, but was open to anything that caught my eye in the hopes that it would give me a starting point in deciding how to decorate my condo.

I discovered Douglas Poole Antiques and Collectibles on Queen St. East just as they were closing, but the owner graciously let me poke around for a few minutes. Just as I was about to leave the store I spotted two shade less lamps sitting forlornly on the floor. I'm not sure what about them caught my eye as they certainly weren't what I would have considered 'my style', but I paused to take a closer look. They were made up of white glass speckled with green dots and gold flecks, and were really tall as only older lamps can be. Sounds rather hideous doesn't it? I was tempted, but the gold flecks coupled with the old wiring scared me off, and I put them back where I found them. As I left the store the owner gave me his card - he must have seen a look in my eye, because early the next morning I found myself pulling out the card and asking him to put them aside for me.
antique white lamp with green polkadots
Fast forward many months, and those lamps were now sitting forlornly on my living room floor where I'd left them to languish after bringing them home. If I had known how simple it was to rewire a lamp I would have done it months ago. All I really needed to do was visit Aristocrat Lighting, and they very kindly supplied with all the parts I'd need. I have to say that this is a neat store - they will rewire any light for you, and their back room is full of light parts.
The back room at Aristocrat lighting

It turns out I needn't have been worried about rewiring a lamp - it's very easy. I decided that I'd use the lamps beside my bed. The ones I was using were okay, but I'd had them forever, and they weren't very interesting. I'll describe them as college-chic, which works as I was still in school when I got them.
Old paper shade bedside lamps

Here are my newly rewired lamps in place. There's quite a lot of work to do in this room (it needs some colour), so hopefully the lamps will serve as a starting point.
Newly rewired antique lamp
 White antique bedside lamps

The total cost for these two lamps was just $120. The lamps cost $50, rewiring supplies were $30 and the shades were $20 each. I would have easily spent that much had I purchased two new lamps in any store but mine are unique, and as a bonus the next time I see a great lamp in a store with questionable wiring I'll know how to fix it.

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