Coffee Anyone?

August 05, 2011

If you read about my Jonathan Adler-esque lamp you'll know that for months I'd been living in a home with no livingroom tables. This wasn't a problem when it was just me at home, but it was hard to be a good hostess when guests were forced to hold any drinks in their hands when visiting.

Shortly after I purchased the lamp/table I was visiting one of my favorite furniture consignment stores in Toronto when I saw this:
Rectangular coffee table at Frontier Sales

Frontier Sales had this piece in their front window so I spotted it as soon as I walked in. Before even looking through the rest of the store I put it on hold so I could go home to make sure it would fit. At 2'6" x 4' it's quite a bit larger than most of the coffee tables I'd seen in stores - they're designed for new-build condos that have small living rooms, where as my living room is a rather large 12'x16'.

Luckily for me the table would fit, so next came the task of getting it home. I recruited my boyfriend D to give me a hand, but while we could get the glass top into the back seat of his car, the base wouldn't fit. Handily his brother owns a pick-up truck, so the next day he very kindly helped me move the base home.

Here's my new living room addition (which you might have spotted in the mirror in my last post):
Rectangular Brass and glass coffee table on rug

There are a couple of scratches on the glass,  but given the table only cost $65 I'm not worried. I figure I can place a book or something on top to hide the imperfections. Also, as it's already marked I won't freak if I accidentally scratch it myself.

The one small issue with the table is it's HEAVY, so if I want to use the pull-out couch I need to recruit my guests help to move the table before I can set the bed up, which I think moves me back in to bad-hostess territory. 
Brass and Glass coffee table

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  1. Wicked find, I've never seen anything good at Frontier.

  2. I find Frotier is rather like Winners - you can't go looking for anything specific. Eventually you'll find something that works :)

  3. oh my goodness i love that table!!! great lines and finish!
    visiting from meg & mum's!


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