Spitting Image Style - Jonathan Adler - Meurice Table Floor Lamp

July 18, 2011

I while back a bunch or friends and I were going out to dinner and everyone met up at my place before we headed out. In an attempt to be a gracious hostess (as my mom taught me) I offered everyone a drink. It was then I realised I had a bit of a problem - I didn't have anywhere for my guests to put their drinks - there were no tables in my living room which meant my guests had to hold on to their glasses while we sat around and chatted. I'm pretty sure this and the lack of beverage choice (I could only offer water) would be an automatic fail in Hostessing 101. That evening ensured that tables for my living room moved to the top of my long list of things my home needed.

I few weeks later I was browsing the HomeSense near work on my lunch hour when I spotted this:
Maurice Floor lamp knock-off
I liked it on sight, but with its slightly gold tones was a huge departure from my normal preference of silver hues, so with one last glance I left it behind. Halfway back to the office I knew I'd made a huge mistake. The problem with HomeSense is if you see something you like, you need to buy it immediately, because more often than not by the time you return it will be gone. I rushed to my desk, googled the phone number and frantically dialed. Phew - it was still there, and they put it on hold for me until I could pick it up after work.

Remember my giant pear? Well I bought it at the same HomeSense. When I arrived to pick up my lamp, the cashier who served me commented on the lamp saying that it had been admired by a few customers, and then looked at me and said - 'You look familiar'. I smiled and wondered which gorgeous and talented Hollywood star she would say I looked like, and she said 'I remember - you bought the giant Pear!'. Apparently I've developed a reputation at that store.

When I looked again at the lamp I was about to purchase I realised I had seen it before, or at least something that looked an awful lot like it. Here's the Meurice Table Floor lamp by Jonathan Adler:
Jonathan Adler Meurice table floor lamp
Jonathan Adler Meurice Table floor lamp - Image Source: Jonathanadler.com
Anyway, I brought the lamp home (getting a few odd looks on the subway), and set my new lamp up in the living room. I think it looks pretty good, and the best part? The lamp cost only $70+tax vs. the $595(US) + tax and shipping that the Jonathan Adler lamp would have cost me.
My new Jonathan Adler-esque lamp

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