Wedding Shower Favours: Mason Jar Cookies

May 12, 2011

My very good friend Anna is getting married in July and her wedding party, myself included, hosted a bridal shower in her honour this past weekend. I volunteered to create the wedding shower favours that each of the guests got to take home to commemorate the event.

In principle the idea is incredibly simple - in practice it took a bit more effort than I had planned. The original idea is not mine – I should mention I borrowed it from a baby shower I attended this past January and modified a little.

Start with a simple mason jar. I found mine at Dollarama.
Dollar store mason jars

Add a personalised label with the event details. I had originally created a round label for the top of the jars, but the file was unfortunately saved on my home computer which died the Sunday prior to the shower. This meant I had to start the labels from scratch. In hindsight, it's a  good thing my original design was lost – I like the new label design much better.

These are the labels I came up with:

I used a template I found here which was originally used for water bottles. The template is in PowerPoint which before last week I was only slightly familiar with. Through much trial and error I was able to create something I’m fairly proud of.  Unfortunately you can't tell from the picture above, but the nutritional information includes things like love, happiness. trust and laughter - all  at 100%.

I attached the labels to the jars using spray adhesive I had on hand. Regular white glue would work as well.

To fill the jars you need cookies, lots and lots of cookies. I ended up making close to 300.
Lots and lots of cookies on a cooling rack

I used a recipe for Almond Orange Shortbread that I found on the Martha Stewart website. The only change I made to the recipe was the baking method – in order to fit into the mason jars the cookies needed to be round, and less than 2” in diameter. I tried to find a cookie cutter of the appropriate diameter but failed miserably, so I rolled the dough into snakelike forms, and then simply cut the cookies into rounds. These cookies made my apartment smell divine for days.
Lots and Lots of cookies

The last step was placing the cookies in the jars. I had originally planned on putting a nice round number (10) in each jar, but given that the favours had to travel a bit to the shower I decided that 11 would fill-up the jars, and therefore there was less chance of cookie breakage.

Here is the finished product:
Cookies in a mason jar for a Bridal shower
The finished product
I have to say that I’m quite proud of the end result. They were quite well received by the guests, and most importantly the bride.

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  1. love it! the jars are really cool and the labels are awesome! hope you had fun!!

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