Wacky And Wonderful At The Christie Antique Show

May 29, 2011

For several years now I've heard about the bi-annual Christie Antique Show, but always a week or two after the event. This year by chance I heard about it early and convinced  my boyfriend D that it would be something different to do early on a Saturday morning. I would have said bright, except the Toronto area has been experiencing nothing but rain for what seems like months. While it didn't rain while we were at the show, I do wish I had brought my rubber boots to combat the mud.

I went to the show primarily to see and do something new, but I also brought some cash in the off-chance I spotted something I just had to have. Much to my disappointment I didn't see anything I wanted (and could afford) so I had to come home with all my money. Boo.

I brought my camera along to take some pictures of all the great stuff I found, but when I looked at my photographic collection later I discovered that I'd taken pictures mostly of rather odd things on offer at the show. Here is a selection of the items you could have brought home with you had you been lucky enough to attend.

Having issues with your neighbours? You'll need this for your bomb shelter - $55:
Vintage Fallout shelter sign

Bring realism to your next game of  'Doctor':
antique Dr.'s Instruments
Antique Doctors Instruments - Including Forceps
Every child's dream teddy bear - Mom, why didn't I have one of these?
huge Teddy Bear

New conversation piece for your living room? $125:
vintage artificial leg, with shoe
An Artificial Leg - Sock and Shoe included

For the spoiled child in your life:
antique dolphin child's ride
Dolphin Carnival Ride, or Unique Lawn Ornament

There was one piece that I loved, and this was love with a capital 'L'. Unfortunately at $15,000 it was a bit more cash than I had brought with me to the show. It's a painting by Marc-Aurèle Fortin that he painted in 1950.
Marc-Aurèle Fortin Painting
Marc-Aurèle Fortin Painting

On another note, I did see one of my favorite bloggers at the show - Karen from 'The Art of Doing Stuff' which was kinda neat. I might have shocked her a bit when I just stopped in front of her and said  'I just have to say - I love your blog'. Oops - that might have been a bit rude. As I was walking away my boyfriend asked who she was, and I tried to explain about her blog. A few seconds later he exclaimed - 'I know where she's from, she used to be on OMNI TV before the Simpsons came on'. Boys are strange.

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  1. Omg I was totally there. How did I not see you?

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