Bathroom Makeover - Part 2

May 22, 2011

It's been a while since I've posted anything even remotely related to my home - first I was sick, and then my trusty computer sputtered and died. My new computer finally arrived on Wednesday, but I spent the past few days doing absolutely nothing blog related - it turns out I missed the internet dreadfully when for two weeks I could only access it at home via my phone ( it's just not the same on a 3" screen).

Anyways, back to my bathroom. The second stage of the makeover has been the replacement of what I've been calling the 'bathroom bling' - the light fixture, and the sink faucet. Here's a reminder of the old fixtures:
Old Bathroom Fixtures

The aim of this makeover was to do it without spending a huge amount of money. This therefore precluded going to any of the fancy lighting or bathroom stores about town (darn) - I stuck with Home Depot.

Here is my choice for my new light fixture:
New Bathroom Light Fixture

Not bad for $59.99 right?

And here is my new faucet:
New Bathroom faucet

This is where my low-cost bathroom makeover went off the rails. The faucet was only $69.99, but unfortunately I ran into a little trouble with the installation. The short version is I looked under the sink to locate the water shutoff before removing the old fixture and didn't see it. That was a wee problem as you can't remove a faucet without first turning off the water (well you can, but you won't like the results). A call to the building management the following Monday (because, like all good DIYers, I was doing this on the weekend) confirmed that there wasn't an individual unit shutoff - in order to change my one measly bathroom faucet I had to get the water turned off to the whole building. Sigh - why can't anything be easy? In the end I arranged for the building handyman to turn off the water and install the tap, and in return I received an invoice for $170.

I had hoped to perform this makeover miracle for under $300, but with the unexpected installation expense I'm now aiming for under $400.

BTW - while the handyman was installing the faucet I had him install water shutoff's on both the hot and cold lines under the sink, this way the next time (yeah right) I change the faucet I can do it myself.

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