DIY - Dollarstore Easter Wreath

April 03, 2011

I made this wreath a few years ago using items found at my local Dollarama. As Easter is just around the corner I thought I'd share this exceeding simple, cheap and fast project.

You'll need just a few items:
  1. Wreath form
  2. Glue gun and glue
  3. Dollar store Easter eggs in various sizes
    Foam Easter eggs from Dollarama
    Dollarama Easter Eggs
  1. Remove eggs from packaging. The eggs I found had sticks and ribbon attached to the base. I just pulled them out as I didn't have wire clippers  (I'd suggest you clip them off if you can - pulling them out sometimes pulled some of the egg off as well).
  2. Lay your eggs out around your wreath to ensure you have even spacing.
  3. Start gluing.
  1. I wanted a white Styrofoam wreath, but my dollar store only had vine ones. To ensure it wasn't too noticeable below the eggs I first painted it white.
  2. I kept the smallest eggs for the end of the project and used them to cover any holes that remained after gluing on the other eggs.

The finished product:

Dollar store Easter Egg Wreath
The materials cost about $20, and it only took about an hour to make.

Looks pretty good for a DIY Easter wreath if I do say so myself - what do you think?

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  1. I think it looks festive and colorful and fun!

  2. Adorable. Creative. Genius.

    I am having a spring craft linky party and giveaway on my blog this Friday. I would love for you to showcase this wonderful project.

    Details are on my blog today.

  3. Your wreath is adorable ~ I love it!

    I am hosting a new linky party on Wednesdays ~ FALL in Love With Your Home. I'd love for you to join in the fun.

    Have a very happy Labor day!

  4. What would we do without the Dollar Store?. - so much crafting goodness to be found. Love the wreath - the colors just sing to me - simple to make yet so colorful and festive for the season.


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