Sleeping Beauty

March 16, 2011

I was in the mall the other day, and popped in to Crate and Barrel to take a look around.  The store is relatively new to Canada so I haven't visited them too often.  I went in to take a look at their living room accent tables, and instead have become enamoured with this:
Crate & Barrel Colette bed
Crate & Barrel Colette Bed
Isn't it gorgeous?? It's so pretty, I think it all but guarantees a good nights sleep.  All thoughts of accent tables flew out of my head, and instead I stood there happily daydreaming about what I would do in my bedroom to highlight this new bed.  Ah Bliss!

I then took a look at the price and came plummeting back to reality. $1,899!!  That's crazy!  Especially when you consider that as I currently have only a double bed, I'd need to spring for the queen mattress as well.  While I do want to replace my bed, and plan on getting a queen when the time comes, that purchase is not in the immediate future.  Oh well - I'll have to dream of it instead of sleeping on it.

Here is a link to the bed: Colette Bed

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  2. Oh Michelle that Colette bed has been in my dreams for a long time too. It's just soooo pretty! Alas, too expensive for me too :(


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