Happy Anniversary To Me!

March 31, 2011

Wow, how time flies - one year ago today I sat in a lawyer's office and signed my name on a whole forest's worth of paperwork, and officially purchased my first place!  It's hard to believe that much time has passed already!

When I look around my condo, I wish I could say that I'd completed its transformation from empty box to a home, but if you've been reading my blog you'll know that I have a wee procrastination problem.  Sigh,  Oh well. One thing I do wish I'd gotten around to is purchasing dining room chairs - I have a table, but with no chairs it makes it a little hard to invite people over for dinner.

In some ways I'm glad I haven't gotten further in my condo's metamorphosis.  When I think of the things I would have picked for my place even just one year ago, they're not exactly what I see myself  choosing now.  I wonder what my taste will be like on my second anniversary?

Ah but back to today - It's time to celebrate.  Cupcake anyone?
Martha Stewart Cupcake
Photo credit: Martastewart.com

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  1. Happy anniversary.
    Time does go by fast especially when you are having fun.
    May you continue to enjoy your "first" home


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